Mac will not charge, or connect at all

Ive had my Mac for a couple years now, without any problems until a month or two ago. It began to stop charging. The magsafe would not light up at all and id have to pull it off and put our back in over and over, with a little tweaking and adjusting to get it to connect. two days ago it stopped completely. no matter what i try, i cannot get the charger to light up and charge. my computer is now completely dead with no hopes of coming back to life. i have also tried other chargers on it--nothing. no light, no sign of any connectivity. i have also tried swapping batteries for a functional one. the functional one in my mac did the same as my original one--nothing at all. my original battery in a different mac connected and charged up fine. so it is not my battery or charger. i dont know what to do now or what it could be. some research has pointed me to a possibly dead dc inboard? any info, insight, suggestions or ideas would be gladly welcomed. oh, and i do not have the option of taking it to a store, due to my current location. i can only order parts and attempt a repair on my own. thanks!

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--update-- It has returned to its original condition. it will not connect or charge at all. i cannot figure it out, and i cannot find anyone who has experienced this same problem. i have tried everything. different battery, different charger, new dc inboard, resetting the smc. its a mystery. that i need solved!


Try removing the battery and main's power - leaving overnight. You may need a new battery. I'm not familiar enough with this model to remember if it uses a "backup aka CMOS" battery or depends on the main battery and a capacitor... but - a failing backup battery might be a cause for this behavior. Also a cracked battery could be possible. I had a MacBooAir with very strange battery/charging behavior. Turned out the battery was damaged (cracked) but the crack was not visible until I removed it from the laptop and examined it. I believe "flexing" the case (picking up the laptop by one end) caused the problem. A new battery stopped all the craziness.


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I agree with your diagnosis... the DC-in board seems the place to start. Get the proper tools (every job is easier with the right tools) keep track of your screws.

good luck,

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Well, for all those who are experiencing the same issues, here is my conclusion--that was the problem! I replaced it successfully, and it worked. BUT, there is a catch. darned electronics have a mind of their own. Not but 4 days after I replaced my DC inboard, I started experiencing the same problems again. I could not, for the life of me, get it to charge or connect. so, I went back into it, and disconnected everything and reconnected it, thinking maybe I hadn't connected the dc inboard fully last time. to my dismay, this did not solve it. I had nearly given up hope and was planning to take it to a repair shop, when I decided to plug it in one last time. And, of course, what do you know--it charged. And is still currently charging.

SO, would somebody please explain to me what on Gods green earth is going on here?! Im taking online courses for school right now and cannot afford to have a fickle computer. Thanks!


Hi cmdillon

Maybe it has something to do with discharging the Book and so the SMC and PRAM was flashed.

I am not sure about, but I had an HP notebook and one day I plugged in the power chord of its power adapter and it blew off with a loud popping sound.

The notebook did not turn on anymore - not with a spare power adapter nor with the battery in it (fully charged).

I took it to a store next me. The technician came out, took out the battery, pressed the power button for half a minute, put in the battery again and started the notebook ...

Regards, Stone


You could be having moisture/corrosion problems. I see you are on Okinawa... keep the laptop in AC... Try packing it in some desiccant like putting it in a foot locker filled with uncooked rice for a couple days... KEEEP THE RICE OUT OF THE MACHINE - cover the back/ports so that no rice gets inside (covering them with some paper wrapped/taped in place).


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