MacBook doesn't take net power anymore

Hi guys,

My macbook had a problem. With the net power connected, the lights on the magsafe adapter went from green to off. So it was power for like 15 seconds and the it stopped for a couple of seconds and then continued loading again. This in a circle. Now some weeks further, the macbook stopped getting any contact from the loader. So if i plug my magsafe adapter in the macbook, no color will popup, and it doesnt load. I replaced the magsafe DC in. with the guide i found here. But still the same problem.. it doenst recognize the power adapter and so i can't charge my macbook... the adapter works with other macbooks.. please help.

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There are three possible faults since you've eliminated the charger as the problem.

  1. Either the reassembly was incomplete,
  2. the battery needs replacing or.
  3. you still have a component problem.

Go over all your reassembly connections once more (many times problems stem from connectors that "appeared" or "seemed" good but were lose, incomplete or wrong)- ensure that the DC in board replacement it was tested and working before you installed it. You might ask for a replacement DC in board from the vendor.

If possible check the battery in an external charger or another machine.

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Thanks a lot for you response.

1. Either the reassembly was incomplete,

I went over all the connection and try'd reassembling everything. But it made no difference.

2. the battery needs replacing or.

I can't test this, as i don't have another battery. I would need to buy one, but if thats not the problem then i wasted a lot of money.

3. you still have a component problem.

The DC-board worked fine before in another system. I bought it second hand.

I really want to fix it. Is it a big change that the battery is dead? i tested with coconut battery and it told me that everything was fine.


How many cycles, or, how old (is it the OEM) is your battery?Batteries don't last forever more than 300 cycles on an OEM battery will only last about 80% of new when charged to 100%. That model should boot without a battery present. . . that it doesn't points back to either charger or DC in board. Check the output of the charger with a volt meter.


Coconut battery sais it has 480 battery cycles:

When i just try'd to charge my Macbook, the orange light on the magsafe adapter turned on and went to green. The Macbook war charging. When i booted the laptop, the light went off and i could not get it to charge again.

I also disconnected the battery cable, plugging the lightning cable in and try'd to boot. But that doensn't work. No light will popup from the lightning cable. I am afraid it might be a logic board problem?


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