New hard drive freezes, unable to run properly

Since I changed the hard drive.

Opening a project on logic with very few tracks and it freezes sometimes, sometimes just stop and says, disc too slow.

I thought it was going to run better since the hard drive its faster.

I don't know if it takes more power to run a 7200rp than the old one of 5600rp, because its getting to hot.

Is there some firmware to help my Mac to run the hard drive to its full potential ?

The hard drive I bought here is 750 GB 7200 RPM Seagate SATA Hard Drive

My mac is a MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 2.4 4gb of ram

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I have never had a problem with a faster hard drive overheating on this machine. I suspect clogged vent ports. Try removing the fans and blowing them out and check the vent ports.

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hi mayer!

i did that when i changed the hard drive !! how do i know if the vents are working fine!!


If you're running to hot you may need to tear it down and replace the thermal paste. MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 Heat Sink Replacement


Mayer, On the most part I do agree with you! Many a time clogged heat exchanger grills and fans do cause heat buildup as well as old/crappy thermo paste. But, when someone upgrades their HD without addressing the SATA speed issue, other things are going on under the hood here that often cause system overheating and sporadic problems like this. As an example: The OS needs to re-index when lots of files are transferred back to the replacement drive from a back up (the queue is often quite large). In this case the failure to read/write the data causes the drive to retry a few times for each block constantly making the drive and the CPU work harder, hence the system wide heat buildup. If you hadn't copied back any files you wouldn't have noticed the problem.


hi guys it seams that the firmware EFI its upgrade to the last version. apparently for macbook pros 3,1 like mine the sata interface mother boarth chip ICH8-M AHCI can handle only 1.5gbit ;( the firmaware update for this chip wasnt supported by apple, and the hard drive its set to 3.0gbits, so thats whats apparently causing the problems.

the guys at seagate told me to contact the company that sold me the hard drive, to get a jumper for my disc. they also told me if this dont work i should check the compatibility list of hardware of my computer.

so i hope here i can get them. they alos gabe me this map for the jumper


thanks a lot!!

going to have to wait for the jumper to fix it.


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Sounds like you have a SATA speed issue.

Your MBP SATA interface is unable to handle your new faster SATA I/O'ed drive (SATA I or II Vs SATA III).

Look on the drive or check on the manufactures web site for the location of a jumper on your drive to slow it down (you may get the needed jumper from a parts store).

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thabks a lot Dan !! this its been driving me crazy.

do you think this update i found will help.

thanks again


Yes! if you haven't updated your EFI to the latest. You still will need to check the HD's settings if it's still set for SATA III.


Here's the Apple TN on how to check and get the needed updates: EFI & SMC updates


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