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iPhone 4S -, won't charge & cameras broken after display swap


My friend had his iPhone cracked when he dropped it and gave it to me to repair and said I could keep it. I would really like to get this fixed, so any advice is appreciated.

I did the Display Assembly ifixit guide and the new screen worked. When I went on, I was faced with the 'closed shutter'. Also, the phone seems very hot and will not hold its charge for more than about 10mins.

Since then, I've had the phone apart again, cleaning all areas with some 'contact cleaner'. I still have both issues, however, the battery issue is getting worse.

Does anybody have any suggestions and want to help me sort this beauty of a phone out!?

Thanks in advance.


oldturkey03, reading around this, do you think that it could be a grounding issue? Or in your opinion would you say from the info I've given you that its the battery? I will go and find some isopropyl tomorrow - would methylated spirit or petrol work? thanks again.

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Tristan, I would not use the "methylated spirit" since they may contain ketones and acetones, which can destroy certain plastics. Definitely do not use petrol. It has the tendency of dissolving some plastics and may destroy your board. As for is it possible that it is a grounding issue, sure it could be, but my first choice is the battery. Again, you do want to re-evaluate after that. Thank you for accepting my answer.


Strangely after a complete disassemble and reassemble the battery issue seems to be fixed. It's not hot any more and the phone seems to be working well. As for the camera issue, I borrowed a friends camera to swap and that worked, so I'm going to swap my battery order for a camera.

One last problem.

I'm very familiar with the signal strength I used to get in my house with my iPhone 4 and with the 4S I seem to be getting lower signal strength. What would be your first go-to problem area for this? You've been spot on so far and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply, pretty much got myself an iPhone sorted because of it!


Tristan, low or lower (next to nothing) signal strength. Remember that there are many issues with the contacts of the antenna as well as some of the SMD components around the antenna connectors. take a look at those and see if they are all still there:-) Tale a look at some of the solutions on here (just click on the solutions tab underneath the picture) Something like this Am I Missing an important Part?


OldTurkey, it goes between 'no signal' and searching - last night it would show 2 bars of signal in an area I know I get signal. If I go to Settings > Carrier and search manually, networks do show.


Sounds more of a software than a hardware issue since it does show your networks etc. Once you have your phone all back the way it is supposed to, I would re-evaluate and do a full restore and software update. You may also want to notify your service provider and see if they are having issues.


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Tristan, the first thing I would do is to stop using contact spray and stop turning it on. The reason for that is that the contact spray can be a conductor and actually shorten things out. Clean your phone and the logic board with some high grade isopropyl alcohol i.e. 90% + After that replace the battery, a bad (broken) battery can be the reason for "the phone seems very hot and will not hold its charge for more than about 10mins." When it is cleaned and you replaced the battery , re-evaluate. Check for missing or burned looking components on the logic board. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for this, I will do as you say and lay off the contact spray. Also, I have started the phone without the battery plugged in and now there is no heating up.. been running around 10mins and no heat.

I have ordered a new battery and hopefully this will sort the heat issue.



Good, so it does look like a bad/broken battery. That is the most common part that causes the heat issue. Best of luck to you.


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