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The Wii U is a video game console paired with a handheld device made by Nintendo that allows users to play games on the GamePad. Repairing the console is straightforward as the device is very modular.

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How do I replace the Wii U gamepad digitizer?

After reviewing the breakdown guide of the Wii U gamepad, I am left wondering if taking the digitizer and LCD screen apart will break them due to the adhesive, and what type of adhesive I should use on the new digitizer to attach it to my LCD screen.

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You can separate the digitizer from the lcd with a thin flat pry tool. The adhesive is not that strong and you don't need heat but you can use a little if it makes it easier for you. You don't even have to reapply any adhesive if you don't want to given the fact that the tray that holds the main board and the main board both push down on the screen and dig to hold it in place, the adhesive seemed more like a precaution on Nintendos part. 2 separate parts = cheaper repair in your case. Hope this helps!

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As the teardown says, the LCD is fused to the digitizer. This means that you can't repair one without replacing both parts. It's unfortunate that manufacturers do this to save a few millimeters of thickness, but fused parts are fairly standard in phones and other displays.

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Thanks Adam. Would you happen to know where or what kind of adhesive I need to get my gamepad up and running again?

by Nathan

I'm sorry, I don't happen to know. Hopefully somebody else can help you there :)

by Adam Hintz

@Nathan, of course only Nintendo knows what type of adhesive they are using for sure. Adhesives used for that purpose are called LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives) I know that 3M as well as Loctite have their brands. Check on here for more information. You can get some of it here

by oldturkey03

This is not true, see my answer below.

by Evolutionarytheory

As Evolutionarytheory sais, this answer is not true. I have just separated with only a plain screwdriver.

by eldelaintuicionimanol

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Yeah I dont know what that guy is talking about fused together lol. I just replaced the digitizer from my wiiU gamepad, Its very easy to just pull the digitizer off the screen. Then you can either scrape off the white border on the old lcd and place it in the front plate of the wiiU gamepad itself. Then Set the digitizer on the lcd screen. After that insert the screen into the gamepad on top of the little small border you laid in the front faceplate area. Easy as pie. Hope I helped.

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hello, I had to replace the digitizer Wii u gamepad for a new, more is not working, may be because of the black sticker that is put to paste the digitizer with LCD? where can I find this sticker? I'm from Brazil, Thanks.

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Can someone help me please. ...I got my son a used wii u....I can type password in to log online, when I try the X keeps randomly typing itself xxx. There's a small dent on the screen right about the I'm assuming I need to replace the digitizer and or screen!? I went ahead and ordered a new came yesterday I need walked thru step by step as in help me I'm a dumb dumb....but my son it's still waiting to use this, it was supposed to be his birthday present. If anyone can help me ? Or tell me who can change it for me for a low amount, Or point me to a good and thorough video?

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