MacBook doesn't always charge, shuts down when moved

My Macbook started having some problems a few weeks ago. It was hard to charge it, I had to put it upside down or in other weird positions. When I got it to charge, it would shut down almost every time I tried to move the computer.

Now I can't even charge it at all. Could this be a problem with my charger? Or is it the computer?

Thanks in advance!

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Might be the battery especially if you've crammed it in a tight spot or had something heavy placed on it shortly before the problem started.

I had a MacBookAir that I was traveling with and it was in an overhead storage bin when some @sshole put his bag on top of it. I saw that and yelled at him, but the damage was done. It behaved much as yours, not starting, then starting, shutting down suddenly, showing no battery in the menu, not charging, the charging. I opened it up more than once, and it wasn't until I removed the battery, that I could see/find a crack across the batteries case. What was happening was moving/torquing/flexing the case would open the crack. Sometimes it would realign, others (apparently) it wouldn't.

Only you know if my scenario points to your solution.

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BTW moving a running laptop is not a good idea. Laptops are "portable" in the way that you can take them with you easier than a desktop. They are not designed to be held and used at the same time (like a phone or iPad). That's why phones and iPads use IOS and SSDs.


machead - I agree the battery is likely damaged here. But, laptops can be used with limited movement (airplanes & cars) with HD's. Now with solid state storage options, it can handle much more bumping around. If in full sleep mode the HD is in a parked state so it is safe to move it around without damage.


Dan- Sounds like the OP wasn't referring to moving it in sleep mode (upside down & other positions). Sitting down in a moving airplane is not a comparison to walking around carrying a running laptop (what I indicated many assume "portable" to mean). Riding in a moving car might end up being a similar analogy- (at least on potholed Midwest roads) at which point a good bump would yield the same damage. Yes those few newer laptops with SSD or FLASH drives would probably be more resilient.


Machead - Wasn't disagreeing with you, just expanding what you said so it was clear. In this case I don't think Phillip was moving it about that much. I do believe he just picked it up after disconnecting the charger and the system would die, just like when he was charging it. He had to have the system in a odd position for the mag-safe LED to light. This is a battery issue not making good contact with the battery connector within the system.


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