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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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Red Ring Of Death Thermal Paste Not Working

Okay, I bought an xbox 360 off ebay with the red ring of death. It is the three light one. I have thermal paste and I re applyed the paste. There are no x-clamps, as someone already tried this. I put longer screws in and drilled bigger holes in the metal box that the mother board sits in and the screws are driven through the metal box, through the motherboard, and into the heatsinks. I then tried to plug it in without the fan to let the paste cook. When it turns on, the green light is solid, and the three red lights blink. It doesnt act like it runs completely, therefore it doesnt heat up. So the paste isnt cooking to the heatsink. Why wont in heat up? Please help!

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Alex, absolutely no reason to do this "I then tried to plug it in without the fan to let the paste cook." all it does, it puts on more thermal stresses on your processors. You want the thermal paste to remain soft and a paste, not dried out. This will absolutely defeat the purpose of it. I am not sure what modifications were made to remove the x-clamps. You might want to post an images with your question. Also, it will help if you tell us which three quadrant lights are blinking. Remember that any processor only takes seconds to overheat and trip any thermal protection. At this point I recommend that you use this kit. Follow this guide to install it, also consider a reflow of your IC's. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Okay, but it still wont turn on past the red rings. It just stays red. The red light on are on the top left, and two on the bottom. How I modified it is I got slightly longer screws, and drilled the metal box holes bigger. After this I placed the screws into the holes, then a washer on the screw, then the motherboard, and then the heat sink. I already re-flowed my board. Im putting it together now to test.

by Alex

The problem with that mod is that you a: may flex the board, b: not get the proper contact pressure required to get the heatsink to properly seat against the processor. The X-clamps will prevent the board from flexing and provide the proper pressure. The reason for doing the x-clamp kit is to close solder fractures by applying additional pressure between the board/processor and the heatsink.

by oldturkey03

Yes I know, but many people suspect that the x clamps do not do their job well enough. That is why people do this screw mod. The bottom line is, when I have the xbox plugged in (even with the x clamps) all that happens is the three red lights flash, the green light in the middle stays solid, and when the fans are plugged in, they only stay on for a second. Litterally a second. Why will it not actually stay on. Ive seen videos of people with the rrod, and after re-applying paste, they leave the fan out and turn the xbox on. The red lights come on, but the board heats up bonding the paste to the heatsinks. After about 20 minutes it goes down to two red lights. Then you are supposed to turn the xbox off and let it cool to room temparaure. The problem is, the xbox doesnt actually function, I can feel the ram chips are warmer than room tempurature, but barely warmer and definately not hot. I just cant figure out why it isnt getting hot.

by Alex

Have you tried to get a secondary error code Xbox 360 Troubleshooting

by oldturkey03

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I'm stuck in a similar situation with the three red rings,I've applied the best of the thermal pastes and used the x clamps still nothing. I even cleaned all the dust out. It's funny u should say that u got u Xbox of eBay cause I did the same thing hoping that reapplying paste would have it working. if you find out anything before I do please let me know if not don't worry but thanks anyway.

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You have your screws to tight or not the proper washers. Screws to tight=Three lights, loosen and it will go to 2 lights. then go from there.

Also you do not have to do away with the x claps, they do help with any warping. Instead use thin plastic washer on the top and the xclamp on the bottom as a washer and extra support when adding the new screws.

If this does not work and you still end up with 3 red lights, you have to reflow the board

DO NOT OVERHEAT with a towel or something stupid.

If your going to try a cheap method to re-flow you can preheat a oven to 205-220 and then set the motherboard only on the metal cover from the top of the 360.

Make sure to test your temp first, you want it about 217c but some ovens are stupid.

Make sure to place aluminum over the top to prevent direct heat but still retain the heat of the oven.

After you place inside the oven/toaster oven use a turkey thermometer and stick it through the door and close it. When it reaches about 205 wait a minute, turn off the oven and open the door. LEAVE IT there for about 30-45 minutes to completely cool.

It will take about 5 minutes to reach 205 on the thermometer if it doesn't just turn off after 5-8 minutes minutes. You wait any longer and you'll screw your whole board up.

Hope this helps you guys--GL

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Yeah, I also put a thermal compound to cpu and gpu of my xbox but still the 3RRD come out after install back the component.

Can I confirm which is the correct thermal compound for chip inside xbox ?

Refer this :

Thermal conductivities

For comparison, the approximate thermal conductivities of various materials relevant to heatsinks in W/mK are:

1. Air 0.034

2. Water 0.58

3. Thermal grease about 0.5 to 10

4. Unbranded grease typically 0.8; some silver-and graphite-based greases claim about 9

5. Aluminium oxide (surface layer on aluminium) 35

6. Steel About 40, varies for different types

7. Aluminium 220

8. Copper 390

9. Silver 420

Need your help urgently on this...

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besides applying the thermal paste, what else did you try? Thermal paste alone will not fix RROD error. check my original; answer.

by oldturkey03

Other thing that I'll be doing is using hair dryer reflow the heat to motherboard around 5 minutes but still came out the 3 red light. Anyway will try the link given.

by antuketot76

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