The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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No video after firmware update and RLOD tshooting.

I have a old ps3 fat system and i just updated the firmware from usb thumb drive. Now i cant get any video at all on the system even when i go into safe mode. I have both the AV connection and the hdmi connected but cant get anything.

Any idea's?


Also FYI my opinion on the waser or coin fix for the RLOD or YLOD. Dont do it. At the very best it is a short term solution. What you really do when you make this "fix" is you greatly decrease the amount of surface area on the cpu or gpu that is in contact with the heat sink. I did this "fix" on one of my broken ps3's and within minutes of playing a game the fan kicked into high and stayed there. A sure indicator that once this fix is in place the unit was having issues cooling itself off. There are shims out there that might work better because they are copper and have about the same area as the cpu and gpu. The coins or washers though i can say from experiance are not worth even doing as a fix you will be pulling the thing apart in no time to try fixing a ylod again. It might even make the issue worse because the unit cant cool off fast enough and end up in an actual hardware fault. If you have marathon game sessions find an aftermarket cooler to help supliment what is there and prevent a YLOD there are many out there for every ps3 that has been created from cheap to only semi cheap but all for less than a new ps3 game. If your a kid and you cant afford to buy one yourself take the hit and ask for a cooler in place of a game, it will help you get much more life out of your gaming system.

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Also just to add more detail. The console itself seems to behave normally. I can turn it on and put disks in and eject them without a problem. I never get a blinking gree power its solid.


There is an overwhelming amount of suggestions out there as to how to correct this. I will summarize a few of them that i have found that might fix the problem. Mine is still ongoing as i await parts.

first common fix. Start up PS# hold power button until it makes that second beep that signals reseting to default video settings.

second common fix. Go into safe mode.

Third common fix. pull PS3 apart and re-do the thermal paste on the cpu and the gpu. Also remember to properly screw the motherboard down to the case and the bend bars down onto the motherboard. I noticed this whole PS3 is sandwiched together so if any part of this thing isnt tightened down properly good contact might not happen. HOWEVER there IS such a thing as too tight.

Once my parts get in and i give this a try i will report back my findings.


More details.

I pulled the ps3 apart and re-applied thermal paste to the cpu and gpu on it then re-assembled. No luck there.

I have tried the trick to reset the video settings by holding down the power button which did not work for me.

Next i pulled it back apart and put 4 pennies on top of the gpu (rsx) and added thermal paste to them. Still inop. I have heard that at this point the whole board needs to be re-flowed but i am a bit sceptical about that. Seems very weird to me that 1 minute i have a working ps3 then when i update the firmware there is a hardware failure. updating the firmware should not be a very heat intensive operation.


Also I had a ps3 with a RLOD. took it apart and reflowed still had a RLOD. Disconnected all "extra" devices on it like the blue ray and the modem / usb board. and got to the main menue (couldnt do anything but no RLOD! ) connected the usb / modem board and RLOD again. So anyone with a RLOD you might try this simple test before you re-flow the board since it can be done with only taking a minimal amount of the ps3 apart. Simply remove the ribbon cable connecting the ps3 to the modem / usb board and see if the RLOD goes away.


Also as far as GLOD or green light of nothing goes. This can be caused by a bad hard drive. My current ps3 i am working on can not boot up. I can get into safe mode but it takes almost a minute to load safe mode. When i try to format the drive i get an error code. I will be swapping out the drive with another one form a working ps3 soon to test.


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There's one other fix folks might want to try who experience this issue (RLOD) AND have a TV that is taking multiple active HDMI inputs (this assumes the PS3 is, of course, hooked up with an HDMI cable). The short answer is that for this particular type of scenario, the HDMI input going to the TV is, for whatever reason, still "locked" to the television. I believe this is a form of security protection that's part of how HDMI works. Here's a short breakdown of how to fix if this is the case:

1) Completely turn off the PS3: press and hold the power button to shutdown AND toggle the power switch on the back of the unit.

2) Completely turn off the Television the PS3 is connected to via HDMI: turn off the power to the TV and also UNPLUG the television as well.

3) Leave the television unplugged for about 15 seconds or so. The unplugging aspect, at least for Mitsubishi DLP TVs, clears the HDMI buffer completely. After time's up, plug the TV back in, and turn it back on.

4) Turn the PS3 back on and follow the instructions for going into "SERVICE MODE", which should be available at this site (ifixit), or the official Sony PlayStation Support site.

For me, this often resolves the red light issue pretty quickly, as I have an XBOX360 and a DVR/Cable box that also have HDMI inputs to my television. If you don't have multiple HDMI inputs (or your simply not using HDMI to connect your PS3 to your TV) this fix may not work for you.

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For my GLOD the solution was a firmware update. This was a lot of fun doing from safe mode. So i started up the update in safe mode which seemed straight forward but then it looked like it was frozen. I did a soft restart via power button and went back into safe mode. Then it picked up from where it left off with the update to the firmware and completed without an issue.

My GLOD is now fixed. I hope others find this useful. Sorry its not written better feel free to use this content as a source for any write up's please do remember to give credit :)

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