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How can I reset password without reset disk?

I reloaded windows xp and the logon password reset and I can't logon. I don't have password reset disk either.

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i forgot my pc password

by mela gezu

My dad reset my password to my laptop so the grandkids couldn't get into it and forgot what it is. We're stuck on the login screen and don't have a reset disk... Laptops locked down! Years worth of pics and video's are on it and can't access them. Please help...

by brownboys361

I have a problem with my laptop HP, my laptop has a password and I know the password, but if I put the right password,,, and it's says "the User Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be logon."... PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Thanks.....

by icevangelistaph

I forgot my password..shitt

by jhonrey

I'm locked out of my laptop but im logged in under my son's User name and he forgot the password and i have flash drive disk nor a floppy disk to work with so now what am i to do

by MrsDuncan40

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Just use NTPASSWD, it's been around forever. A lot of Linux bootable recovery systems have it built in.

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it did not work for me

by debageedell

it did notwork for me

by David Baker

I followed this guide and successfully used NTPASSWD to reset my forgotten password:

Thank you a lot!

by matjaz vetek

Been trying it for 10 minutes will not reset my password

by daddyabode

It don't works for my Windows 7, 64. as for me, I usd the iSeePassword Windows password recovery standand version to reset my login password , it's very easy to use and safe!

You can see how it works.

by Funnrosly

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Free solution. Press F11 button while powering up.

Follow instructions for factory reset.

Computer will be left in as new condition and all your files are gone but you can set a new password now.

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Thank You... that one worked... I had nothing on my laptop to loose, it kept asking for my password and nothing I typed in helped and I know all my passwords.... hurray...thanks again!

by silverbounty

This and nothing has helped. I am on the factory reset and I need the admin password this is frustraing

by tina settles

Pressing F11 worked like a charm.!

Thank You.

by mizjudy

Trying to reset my toshiba laptop password with USB hard drive

by Tonya duke

It worked thank you

by ruben rosado

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You can use windows password buster to create password reset disk. This software helped me reset my password.

You can take a look for the details: click here

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I highly recommend using iSeePassword tool to reset your login password, safe and fast!

by Misnilaliy

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Hi buddy, I find an article about how to reset Compaq password, you can read it and I hope it can solve your problem, good luck:

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i dont find easy my computer is still not p\opening.OMG..........

by arsia dhungel

if you really want a solutian then get a windows7 setup usb drive or a disk and then contact me on my whatsapp 7085337555

its not so tough you might laugh after you go through the process

by Bangkimchandra Khundrakpam

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You have a few options available to you;

First of all I would try the simplest route. There is an Administrator account that is created with every windows Xp install. At the login screen, hit alt+ctrl+del 2 times, it should give you another login box, it may have a user name already inside it. Delete the user name, and type, "Administrator" no quotes. Hit enter, and it should log you in with admin privileges. From there goto Control Panel > User Accounts and change the passwords to your liking.

Second you can use the F8 key during windows startup. Continually hit F8 when your computer first turns on, BEFORE the windows screen loads. It will prompt you with choices on how to boot windows. Choose Safe Mode, and goto Control Panel > User Accounts and change the passwords there.

Good luck!

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Thank you the first one worked

by gamgyrl

Actually when I got to the control panel the screen was blank

Not allowing me change the password

by gamgyrl

Hello I have windows 7 ultimate on a HP. I have tried both your solutions and got bothing. I have also tried F8 the " start safe mode, start with command prompt, and start with network all take me back to the login page.....I no .suppose to be able what you mention but it doesn' any solutions?

by djzion7

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This page may help you: how to recover Windows xp password

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There are 2 methods for you to reset the forgotten XP password without a reset disk:

Method 1: Use another administrator account to Reset Window XP Password.

Step 1: Restart your computer, press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” two times, then enter the administrator name and password if you know the password, if you don’t, leave it blank, click “Ok”.

Step 2: Start to reset the password by pressing “Win+R” and type control user passwords 2 and hit “Enter”.

Step 3: Click the name of the user accounts you what recover password for, and click “Reset password”. Type a new password and type it again to confirm it. Restart the computer to log on to Windows XP again.

Method 2: Reset Windows XP password from safe mode.

1. Start your computer and press "F8" while the computer boots up. The Advanced Boot Options screen appears.

2. Scroll down to "Safe Mode" with the arrow keys on the keyboard and press "Enter." Your computer starts in Safe Mode.

3. Click on the "Administrator" account that appears on the Windows logon screen. If you've ever set an administrator password, you must enter that password instead of leaving the "Password" field blank. Usually the Administrator password is blank.

4. Click on "Start" and “Control Panel". Then Click” user accounts”.

5. Pick an account to change, here we select “ Mike”.

6. Click “Change the password".

7. Type a new password for that account.

If the methods above don't work you can refer to a third-party tool-Windows Password key. The official website is below:

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well what you could do is a clean reinstall of windows reformat the harddrive and install.

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If you cannot login with another administrator account to reset windows 7 password and have no reset disk, don't be disappointed. You still have chance to get into your computer without losing any data and reinstalling system. This method shows you how to use password software to create a third party password reset disk which can help you reset lost password for windows 7 on any computer.

1. Download and install iSeePasword Windows Password Recovery tool on another accessible computer.

2. Create a password reset disk through USB device or CD/DVD.

Insert writable USB device or CD/DVD-ROM to accessible computer and click Begin burning, wait few minutes until burning successfully.

usb device burning successfully

3. Set the locked computer boot from USB device or CD/DVD.

Tips: How to Set Computer Boot from USB Device

set computer boot from cd

4. Boot the locked computer from USB device or CD/DVD.

5. Reset Windows 7 password or create new account for Windows 7. You can choose a user account, and click Reset Password to remove password for selected account. Or, you can click Add User to add a new user account to your windows 7 system.

forgot windows 7 password and have no reset disk

6. Restart computer after password recovery successfully, and login Windows 7 without password.

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