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Stuck in white screen with broken home button!?


Please help me! One week ago, i jailbroke my ipod and it got stuck in apple logo. and i cant restore it in itunes and also all the solutions i've found needs home button. but my home button is broken... then i tried to fix it by opening the screen of my ipod. only to find out that the home button (color gold inside) is already broken. so i cant fix it. then i tried to restore in itunes and it worked! but the problem is.... the screen is pure white. i tried 10 times restoring it but nothing happens. i jailbroke it again then restore but nothing happens. so my problem is how to get out of white screen with broken home button. and i think theres a wire in the screen that is not properly attached. (my thoughts). so what maybe the problem of this? and how will i fix it? tnx. godbless.

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I would pop it open and reseat the LCD connector which you can find in the guide here for replacing the screen for your ipod. Most likely though you will also need to try a hard reset (holding both home button and power button for 10 seconds). So i would order a new home button flex cable and replace it while you are in there. Its very easy to replace and again, the guide here will show you how.

Hope this helps.

gizmo4sal3 what is a LCD connecter and a hard reset??????


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