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How do I know if the management ic is damaged?


hi, my iPhone 4 is dead only turn on when i connect the wall charger as soon i disconnect it the phone turns off i want to know if is the management ic or the real problem, i also changed the battery and clean the motherboard with alcohol....i don't know what to do any more pls help.

what is the voltage on your battery connector with the phone being plugged in. Measure the left and right outside contacts.


Just wondering, is this linked to my issue as well? Here: http://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/11932... It does the same thing when I unplug the iphone 4, it just immediately dies.


Very possible you won't know unless you test with a multimeter or a working battery. I highly recommend taking a closer look at the board and checking if you damaged something. Software restore is not going to fix the issue. . As for the microphone problem I can almost guarantee that the problem is the audio IC (located on the top left corner of the logic board- you have to take the logic board out to see it) You can resolve the issue by removing a part of the heat shield metal and putting something like a cushion (I used folded paper+tape) to put more pressure on the IC therefore completing the connection.

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Isit water damaged?

If it turns on ore than likely you have a short with the +/- you can test it by connecting the pins where the battery connect with a multimeter. The pins on each end if they have continuity tht means its shorted. Sometimes it's a bad capacitor

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