MacBook shuts down when picking-up (only in battery-mode)

Hi !

Recently I changed the battery, to a new one.

The system works fine, on battery-mode & AC.

...Untill (2 weeks after I had changed the battery & only in battery-mode) I pick up the MB... The system shuts down... (ONLY in battery-mode, not when connected to AC...)

(I always pick up the MB with 1 hand > R or L-front-corner or with 2 hands > Mid-L & Mid-R)

I thought (because I didn't have the dedicated tri-wing-screwdriver), that it was due to some screws that were not enough hard screwed-in...

So, I bought the dedicated tri-wing-screwdriver, opened the MB, fastened the screws & closed the MB.

The system worked fine, until 1 week later... Same problem...

Notice :

  • My MB has non-stop a hard-candy-case on it, to protect it.
  • I non-stop cool my system with SMC FanControl (& love it, my MB works on 49°C, for the moment) fan at 6200RPM.
  • When I opened the system, I took out the old battery & noticed that the fan had fine dust inside (I suppose due to the elevated RPM). >>> I blew the dust out of the fan & brushed it of gently.

(5 min ago, I tested the error & it still does it > battery-mode, tryïng to lift > shut down)

Can it be, that due to the removed battery & the absent screws, some dust had found it's way between the MoBo & some connectors...?!

I hope you can help me out.

Thanks, H.


Finally I come to the conclusion that it is the "new" battery that is DEAD...

I'll give it in the hands of the PayPal-people, to decide on the complaint I will start on the seller...

Thanks for pointing me out that it could be the battery...

In my eyes, it could not be this, because it is "new", but the batt is proven guilty...

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Today (02 Jan 2013) my MB didn't want to boot without AC connected...

I connected the AC, booted > all fine (except for the battery-indication 0% & "replace now"...)

I heavily suspect there is a connection-problem...

I will re-boot & see what differs...


While re-booting, I saw "96%" for the battery indication... After booting, again "0%"... Now it's 23.52 Hrs, sleeping-time & tomorrow > operating-time... ;-) I'll let you know.


I did it anyway "now" (instead of doïng it tomorrow) ;D

After opening the MB, I took the battery out & checked/tightened all (visible) screws (Hex's, Philips,...)

I inserted my OLD battery, tightened all screws (Philips & Tri-Wing's).

Closed the under-cover, tightened all the Philips-screws & re-booted the system. All works fine, even when I pick the MB up in battery-mode (only error shown is "maintenance required (Batt)" but this was the reason I bought a new one (online)...

Next step (in 5 min) > Take out the "old" battery & re-insert the "new" one...

& then >>> Re-test the system.

I'll post a comment in about 30min - 1 hour...



"0% (battery power) + change now" & AC needed to boot ("new" battery inside... Only 25 charging cycles...)

I will put my OLD battery inside & look if I still can start a complaint to the seller (over PayPal)...

IMHO >>> case closed >>> ("new") battery problem... :,-(


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I would not suspect dust, but I would suspect a loose connector or a cracked battery.

I had a MacBook Air with this behavior - it would also suddenly not start, or show battery not charging or not detected. I had to examine the battery very carefully in order to spot the crack when the battery was at rest and flat. Lifting different corners suddenly showed the crack.

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