MBP 13" mid2012 not seeing RAM serial number?


I'm owner of Macbook Pro 13" mid 2012 model. I have upgraded RAM from 4GB to 16GB. I have installed Crucial 1600MHz MAC approved DDR3L dual-voltage memory modules. When I check About My MAC I can see that 16GB RAM is installed, but serial numbers of these modules are only zeros. Before that I could see there normal serial numbers..

so I checked this on my iMAC too.. I have iMAC mid 2011 model and I have installed there 32GB RAM. Same manufacter of chips(Crucial and same dual-voltage memory type), but 1333MHz(because of model). The difference is that I can see normal serial numbers as before on iMAC.

So I want to ask if it's normal that I'm seeing only zeros instead of serial number on my Macbook Pro RAM information page or there's something wrong?

Thanks in advance for answers :-)


Macbook Pro / iMAC / Summary:

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Block Image

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