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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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iPhone got wet, device barely operating with no display

I have not backed it up in over a year. I might just purchase a new one at last resort, however I really want to get my contacts and photos from the phone before I do.

Here's a quick rundown of the weird stuff going on.

  • It got wet, and I let it dry in rice for a week.
  • Opened it up, very little corrosion, scrubbed everything anyway.
  • Now I have it plugged into the wall (without a battery).
  • I figured my battery is probably fried so I proceeded without it.
  • The screen is a dark blue, and it seems to reboot and vibrate every few minutes.
  • I think I locked myself out of it by powering it on, sliding the unlock screen as I normally would, and kept tapping on the keypad.
  • I will try voice control tomorrow when I am not locked out of the phone.
  • The silence switch DOES cause it to vibrate when it's powered on.
  • The home and lock buttons DO work.
  • No apple logo, just a very very dim and dark blue screen.

However when plugged into the computer via USB:

  • It does NOT respond to iTunes, and I cannot explore it.
  • It does not periodically reboot when plugged into the computer; it is essentially unresponsive.
  • When plugged into the computer, the screen cycles between ~7 seconds of dark blue and ~2 seconds of no light.

Thanks for your time. Again, I mainly want to get the information off of this phone. Everything else is secondary.

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Well, your phone has gotten liquid damage, and you have let it dry out already. There really is nothing *normal* you can do.

UNLESS, if you really want your data back, try this:

Before I start, I don't guarantee that your phone will work after this. Don't come trying to kill me if it doesn't. You have to take a chance on everything.

I have done this with my friend's iPhone 4 that took a swim in seawater and had heavy corrosion, and he is still using that same phone 6 months later with no problem.

1. Get yourself some deionized/water without solutes. Make sure your phone doesn't have any power at all. Remove the sim card and sim card tray, take off the back cover, and submerge the phone in the deionized water for about 1 hour. Think of this as a pre-wash, to remove all gunk that got in from the liquid.

2. Get a bottle of 99% isopropyl alcohol. NINETY-NINE PERCENT ONLY! A 16oz bottle should do. Remove the phone from the deionized water, get a Glad tub with a lid. Put the phone without sim card or back cover into the tub and pour alcohol on it until it is FULLY SUBMERGED. If you can remove the logic board and the EFI shields, do so, but it is optional. Let the phone sit in this alcohol for about two days. About twice a day, either replace the alcohol with fresh alcohol or filter the old alcohol using a coffee filter. The alcohol should clean up the circuits from whatever is shorting it out.

3. At the end of the second day, take the phone out and leave it to dry for about 1 day. Remember that 99% alcohol dries quickly, so 1 day should be enough.

4. Put the phone back together, plug it into the wall charger. Turn it on and it should work nicely. If it turns on for a little while, and then turns off, get a new battery. The above mentioned seawater iPhone refused to stay on very long without a battery.

Again, this is only a procedure that has worked for me in the past that I would like the share. Good luck!

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Mitchell, the first step I recommend is that you stop using it all together for now. The more you try to start it and to use it, the more you can damage. You definitely want to clean it properly. Use this guide to get it cleaned. It is written for a 3G but applies to your phone as well. Next thing to do is to replace the battery after that, reassemble and re-evaluate. Hope this helps, good luck.

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If you can be bothered to, get a HDMI adapter, hook up power and your HDMI, and try to see if you can access it that way.

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