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HELP Display has lines all over and battery will not charged at all

Here's my computer in detail:

Serial # ____ 8vwz


My display is all distorted exactly like this post:

ATI Radeon X1600 GPU problem

And with the power plugged in it will not charge what so ever, and if disconnected it will automatically die.

Please advise, as I would still like to make this work.

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First you should try resetting the SMC to check the battery issue. Heres the needed steps SMT reset That should tell you if the logic board or the battery has a problem if the battery still won't charge. For now lets assume the battery is known to be good (you bought if from Apple directly correct?)

Next lets run the Apple Hardware Test, here's the instructions on how AHT See if it gives you any errors. If it does report back what it gave you.

To start with I suspect your graphics memory (VRAM) has a problem so you will need to replace the logic board to fix this. If your battery problem is also a logic board issue it should work correctly afterwards. Once you report back the error code/s we'll know for sure.

- - -

Review these steps in the iFixIt section you'll need to follow Logic board replacement In the process you can try checking the display ribbon cable for any damage (cuts or nicks) in case when they replaced your display they damaged it (not likely). I have this exact model and I open and close the lid a lot and have not worn out the cable (unlike other models).

If you open up your system make sure you have an ESD mat and wrist strap so you don't damage anything.

In this model the heat sink is mounted in the lower case so when you pull up the logic board you'll be pulling CPU, GPU & North bridge away from it. Make sure to fully clean off the old grease on both the heat sink and chips. Make sure to get a good quality grease to replace it with and don't over do it.

A replacement board will go for about $400 to 500 (USD) depending on the CPU speed.

This is not the best first repair job one should try but if your game, good luck!

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First off, please tell us how and/or when this started happening. Has it been dropped or had any water damage? This particular model does seem to have some issues. I would suggest first checking all the connections with the computer unplugged and turned off, check for any pinching or pressure points around the screen.

As for not charging, you may either need to get a new battery, or the charging port may need to be checked for proper connectivity to the motherboard.

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Started about a month ago, the computer would randomly start getting lines worse and worst. The power has been a issue before that though probably about 3 months ago, battery should be fine, it was replaced about 6 months ago. Maybe the port is bad. It has never seen water or been dropped. The computer has had it's display replaced with apple care before and the hard drive was replaced with a OWC Unit with large capacity.


Well it's usually a good idea to take it back to the last people who worked on it, if you don't want to do that, then I would suggest disassembling the computer if you can and check for any pinching or unsecured connections. That's all the advice I can give at this point, I never used or dealt with an apple computer. Good luck to you!


I know, but that in it's self is a issue, trying to fix on my own to debug the issue, and figure out if this is logic board or charging port or something else all together.

Here's photos:




Anybody have suggestions, the above is not a answer?


Ryan - It sounds like you had a bad experience with the last place you had your system repaired, which I'm sorry to here. You do have two distinct issues here which could both be related to the main logic board. I would recommend bring this in to an Apple Store again as that would be the cheaper route.


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