How to get cracked screen off?


I found out about you on MacPowerUsers... but not until I bought screen, plastic device for prying and adhesive for from another company. Thought I could take screen off by prying. Nope. Have been waiting for suction cup from other supplier for WAY TOO LONG (I'm sure it's lost in the mail.)

but now I found you and your instructions. I fear my screen may be too cracked for suction cup anyway. ?? How do I do the tape thing?

I tried rolling up a piece of gorrilla tape, it didn't hold at all.

Thanks for help.

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Walter Galan


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Hi Annamarie. Welcome. Based on what you've described, it seems that the best way to remove the broken glass is piece by piece. I would carefully remove sections of the broken glass with a Metal Spudger Set and then proceed to remove the entire display assembly. When attempting this kind of repair, its best to always wear safety googles. Best of luck.

Product Image

Metal Spudger Set

Pry, scrape, probe, and poke like a pro. The four metal spudgers in the flexible plastic tool roll have seven blades between them, one tool for every repair situation. — 50+ available at 7.95 each.

Thanks for the answer. I read something else on this site that gave me the courage to go at it with a flat screwdriver. The repair has been successfully made. My phone not quite as good as new (the home button is a bit funky - I seem to have left some plastic on it) but it's working and has a uncracked screen. And if I do any more of this sort of thing I'll get some spudgers!


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