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iPhone 4 Mirrored Rear Panel (GSM/AT&T)

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Product code: IF182-027

Product Overview

Got a hot date? Big job interview? Need something to help you make sure that cowlick isn't acting up or that your mascara isn't running? Look no further! Check this out so you can check yourself out! This replacement rear panel fits onto the back of your iPhone 4 so you can have a mirror on you wherever you go. Add the Baller Suction Cup to make your iphone an adjustable desktop mirror.

For installation, you'll need either a Phillips #00 or Pentalobe P2 screwdriver. If you're not sure which screws your phone has, both screwdrivers are included in our popular Liberation Kit.

This panel only works for the GSM/AT&T iPhone 4. We also have a mirrored panel that will fit onto an iPhone 4S.


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  • All GSM iPhone 4's (Not iPhone 4S)

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iPhone 4
16 GB
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