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iPad 3rd Gen Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Antenna


Product code: IF116-015-1
Apple Part #: 821-1317, 821-1317-B

Product Overview

This part is also easily damaged when doing a front panel replacement.


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  • All 3rd Generation Retina iPads

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6 month warranty

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iPad 3 4G
16 GB LTE/CDMA (3rd Gen)
16 GB LTE/GSM (3rd Gen)
32 GB LTE/CDMA (3rd Gen)
32 GB LTE/GSM (3rd Gen)
64 GB LTE/CDMA (3rd Gen)
64 GB LTE/GSM (3rd Gen)
iPad 3 Wi-Fi
16 GB Wi-Fi (3rd Gen)
32 GB Wi-Fi (3rd Gen)
64 GB Wi-Fi (3rd Gen)


My Problem

It's my fault, I was all excited that the project was progressing just like the tutorial, I rounded the corner on the bottom of the iPad… and didn't stop.

I figured I had things under control and then the guitar pick slipped… and cut right through the Wi-Fi antenna.

I paged down on the repair manual, and sure enough, it said STOP HERE!

Did I read that first? no. Did it cost me? yes. But I fixed it.

My Fix

Repairing the Wi-Fi antenna was easy once the part arrived. Had the iPad buttoned up and rocking in less than 15 minutes after that.

Every part fit perfectly.

My Advice

Move the warning up on the step by step page, big red letters and an arrow. STOP HERE! Warning Will Robinson! Warning!

OR I could have read ALL the directions first before proceeding. But I'm a guy...