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iMac Opening Tool


Product code: IF145-219-1

Product Overview

It's like opening an iMac pizza

  • The unique design of the Late 2012 iMacs requre the cutting of the foam tape on the display to get inside.
  • This tool comes in two parts:
    • The handle is made of tough, laser-cut Delrin and easily accomodates the cutting wheel while providing plenty of grip.
    • The cutting wheel is specifically designed to slip in the hair-thin gap between the display and the aluminum frame, then easily cut the foam holding the two pieces together.

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My Problem

If your hard drive fails in a new iMac, Apple has a new way of "holding' their screens in - double sided tape. Gone is nice mechanical fasteners such as screws and the magnets.

Naturally you have one shot of pulling OUT the screen but the glue won't let you replace it. Get those from an Apple Store "No sir, you MUST BRING IT IN FOR REPAIR". A $70 hard drive ends up being $250 from Apple here in Australia. If you want to do it yourself Apple refuse to sell you the screen sealing tape to hold the lot back together - regardless if it was out-of-warranty.

It was sure nice to see iFixit has the sealing tape to fit.

My Fix

I'm ready to go - just haven't done it yet but I have the tools, fixing and instructions.

My Advice

Make sure you know what model iMac you have BEFORE opening it - finding out that you need special tools, fixing tapes etc. AFTER you open it will only delay your repair.

Review those great "fix it yourself' iFix-It, then get to work.

My Problem

Bought a 2013 27" iMac for my daughters and they complaint about the computer freezing up. So, I decided to replace the mechanical drive with an ssd drive.

My Fix

Using iFixit adhesive strips and iMac opening everything went smooth. I felt like an expert doing this. After applying the adhesive the screen looks factory installed.

My Advice

Buy all equipment necessary for the project, take your time and watch the tutorials from iFixit.

My Problem

We had an older 21" iMac bite the dust so we purchased a new 27" late 2013 build iMac but due to incompatibilities with Esko & HP DFE (Indigo) software we're not able to run Mavericks which came on the machine and needed to move backwards to Mountain Lion.

Apple has made it next to impossible to go backwards with the OS and it's been a total pain in the butt!

My Fix

The process went very well and the directions from iFixIt were spot on! One word of advice... the new iMac is using "flash" storage not an SSD so there was really no need to open the unit.

But the process of cutting it open and sticking it back together isn't difficult at all, so don't be afraid to try it if you want to replace the hard drive on the basic machines that use them.

My Advice

THE FIX: I used a hard drive dock with a spare drive I had on hand and install OS 10.8.5 on it. Then I booted the new iMac from that hard drive via the usb hard drive dock.

NEXT STEP: I used the Disk Utility app and erased the Mac HD flash storage, and then used my Mountain Lion thumb drive and installed the OS on the Mac's flash storage. The entire process took about 30 mins. and the iMac had zero problems running the older OS.

LAST STEP: I did a migration from the old 21" iMac using a Time Machine backup and "bam" all is right in my graphics world once again.