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Digital Timer


Product code: IF145-099-1

Product Overview

A basic timer. Counts up. Counts Down. Simple operation with only 3 buttons. Has built in clip, magnet, and stand for lots of mounting and viewing options.

You might think a basic timer with a count up function is easy to find. We thought they were too... until we broke ours. 4 kitchen stores, and 6 useless timers later, we finally found one.

We use this timer for both BBQ'ing tri-tip and logging repair times. You may use it for timing labor for billing customers, tracking your own performance, timing workouts, cooking, or any task that moves forward through the 4th dimension.

Product Details

  • Units: Minutes, Seconds
  • Maximum Time: 99:99
  • Functions: Count up, Count down
  • Alarm: Beep - Beep - Beep - ....
  • Power: 1x LR44 Battery






6 month warranty

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