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1/4" Ratcheting Screwdriver


Product code: IF145-083-5

Product Overview

Ratchet Away!

  • Save your wrist and ratchet your screws into their happy homes.
  • A great addition to any toolbox, this driver accommodates any 1/4" hexagonal bit and complements the Macro Bit Set wonderfully.

Product Details

  • Bit Size: 1/4"

  $12.95 Ratcheting Screwdriver with Ruler





6 month warranty


  • Contains bit holder for up to 12 additional bits.
  • Extremely handy metal ruler built right into the handle. Great for measuring studs, boards, and more!
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My Problem

Sticky buttons! Took off the faceplate and washed all the buttons.

My Fix

Pretty okay. I'd love it if the security bits were smaller like the precision set I got from you guys, the bits are too fat to fit in some of the holes on the controller.

My Advice

You'll have to fatten up two of the holes in the controller slightly, with a knife or something so the bit will fit, unless you've got a 1/8" drive security Torx bit, or smaller