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Digital Multimeter

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If you do any kind of tinkering, repair, testing, DIY, or experimenting with electricity, you need a multimeter. Making the invisible visible, this tool will help you test and troubleshoot anything that involves electrons flowing through circuits.

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Multimeter with all the features needed by a repair technician. Easy to read display with backlight that comes on for 5 seconds at the touch of a button, great for low light situations. Audible continuity buzzer allows for fast testing of all types of circuits, buttons, and switches. Rubberized protective bumper case has fold down stand built in. Hold function saves reading for later recall.

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My Problem

I used my Pro tech Toolkit to replace the Battery in an old IPhone 3Gs phone so that My grand son could have it to play games on and watch videos.

My Fix

I was nervous to start and was frustrated on more then one occasion. But I worked it out and when all was done, It was a success.

My Advice

Take your time and go step by step. Walk a way for a second and clear your had and cool off if things go wrong. Hurrying and trying to work when upset will only cause more problems. You can do this. You have the tools and ifixit has the knowledge.

My Problem

Broken display on 3gs 32g & 3g 8gb iphone

My Fix

it was well success :-)

My Advice

My use fixiit guide :-)

My Problem

Wall I lent some one my fine screw driver set and they stooped working the next day and I never got it back so I need a new one and wall at it I got some over stuff.

My Fix

I did not actually need to fix anything.

My Advice

Um do not lend stuff unless you know there that individual resides!