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MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1226) Right Fan


Product code: IF185-077-1
Apple Part #: 922-8043

Product Overview

Make sure you have identified your MacBook Pro correctly. You can use our Identify Your Mac.

If your screen is facing you, this is the fan on the right side of the machine. Includes fan and surrounding metal bracket.

The 15" MacBook Pro (Model A1226) was the first laptop to integrate a centrifugal fan (a.k.a. squirrel-care fan) that did not employ true squirrel-power. We know how this makes some of you feel. However, transitioning to a 5 Volt, 0.29 Amp electrical current drastically reduces laptop shedding, bushy keyboards, and chattery upper cases. While sacrificing the companionship possible with previous generation MacBook Pros, upgrading the fan also means your MacBook Pro requires hardly any cleaning and fewer walks. Make your MacBook Pro that much cooler with this new fan today.


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  • 2.2, 2.4 or 2.6 GHz (Model A1226) 15" MacBook Pros

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6 month warranty

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MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260
2.2 GHz (Santa Rosa)
2.4 GHz (Santa Rosa)
2.6 GHz (Santa Rosa)


My Problem

it started with a clicky sound, much like a hard drive on the blink.

I also noticed the noise got louder as my mac got warmer. so with the help of ifixit i took my mac apart and removed the fans. One was stuck and the other was sticking.

I ordered new fans from ifixit which came a week later.

My Fix

the repair went very well, i followed the Ifixit guide and put the mac back together, wow silence, I am so pleased with it and with Ifixit.

My Advice

My advice to anyone is use Ifixit makes the job so easy, i changed my hard drive on my 8 year old iMac using the guide that was easy too and Make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Thanks Everyone at Ifixit.

My Problem

Fan started to make a lot of noise. I downloaded smf fan control and checked the speed - it was running about 1/2 speed. The new fan works like a charm.

My Fix

Perfect! Thanks!

My Advice

The iFixit Kit comes in handy!

My Problem

The fan was extremly Noisy, so I change it !

My Fix

Quite well, It was not the first time that I open my Mac so I knew where the parts was

My Advice

sorry, no.... it was a simple operation no ?

Thanks for everyting... next time, I'll take pictures


My Problem

One of the cooling fans in my trusty old MacBook Pro was starting to get noisy, at first only at higher RPM, but then even at low speed. Tired dirty bearings.

I tried ordering a so-called "new" pair of fans from a Chinese distributor, but they were not "new", and worse, they didn't work. They were junk, stripped from old dead Macs! After much threatening and cajoling, I managed to get my money back, and then did what I should have done in the first place -- order from iFixit.

My Fix

Perfect! The instructions provided by iFixit were excellent, and the photos an immense help.

My Advice

I'm a retired electro-mechanical engineer, so I'm no stranger to digging into the guts of tech equipment. This repair was easy for me, but might be more challenging for some folks.

Missing from iFixit's instructions were a couple of embellishments I would suggest:

1) Wear an anti-static properly grounded wrist strap before you start. Static electricity can and will wreak all kinds of havoc on delicate solid-state electronics.

2) Use a muffin tin, or several little cups, with Post-It labels: As you remove screws from your Mac, keep the screws from each step of the procedure in a separate cup, labeled according to step number or location on the Mac.

3) Have an aerosol can of compressed air, such as "Aero-Duster", for doing general cleaning and dusting and blowing out of clogged vents in the innards of your Mac while you've got it open.

4) When removing the fan's wire connector, you should pivot this connector upwards where the wires enter the connector, and then lift (or pry) the connector up out of its receptacle. Looking at the connector, you might think it should slide out sideways. But it does not -- it lifts up to remove. And when reinstalling it, place the connector, parallel to the plane of the logic board, over its receptacle, and push it down into the receptacle.

5) You should re-use the old strip of tape which seals the fan to its exhaust vent -- this strip of black tape also has on it a piece of copper foil. The copper foil is needed to provide an electrical path to discharge any static electricity build-up from the fan's housing to the Mac chassis. (Rapidly moving air, as in a cooling fan, will generate static electricity). You will need some additional strips of tape to secure the old strip of tape, as its old adhesive will be tired, dirty and weak. Kapton tape (the orange-colored translucent tape) is great if you have some, but electrician's tape will do.

My Problem

I use my lap top for the brains of my audio interface during live gigs. I was getting an annoying sound coming off the computer, which I feared was the hard drive. I learned how to clone and replace the hard drive but the sound was still there..hence the fan replacement.

My Fix

the repair was almost too easy. I was afraid of the wire removal part of the fan because it's so small I couldn't see which way to pull or push or whatever was needed. The install instructions definitely came in handy for that part.

My Advice

At first my fan didn't come on. I took the lap top apart and was going to re install the old fan to see if it would give me a clue as to what I had done wrong or if the fan itself was defective. Instead I tried pushing down on the wire attachment and low and behold it was I assume the connection because the fan came on. I had previously downloaded 2 different apps to control the fan speed and I just looked and both fan are running at around 2000 rpm. I heard that apple doesn't recommend these apps so any advice from you guys will be appreciated. As it stands, because it's all working I'm reticent to fix what isn't broke....thanks very much.

My Problem

Somehow, my MacBook Pro got squeezed in my briefcase and began to get hot and the fan was making an awful racket. I let everything cool off before opening the case. I'm not ready to part with this old Mac, so I ordered the fan, installed it with the help of the great wizards at ifixit.

My Fix

She's purring like a happy kitten now!

My Advice

Don't let someone else put your laptop in their overstuffed briefcase!

My Problem

Noisy fan.

My Fix


My Advice

Be careful.

My Problem

Snce a couple of weeks the right fan of my mbp made a horrible noise

My Fix

Thanks to the great step by step guide from iFixit the repair was a piece of cake!

My Advice

Just follow the steps and use the correct tools

My Problem

Voila des semaines que mon ordinateur était malade et moi même triste pour mon ami. Je suis musicien et mon fidèle compagnon enregistre les musiques que je joue à côté de lui.... Les ronflements d'un de ses deux ventilateurs devenaient insupportables sur les enregistrements et j'avais peur que la fièvre ne tue mon ami. Conduire mon ami chez un chirurgien de la ventilation étant hors de prix j'ai décidé d'opérer moi même.

My Fix

J'ai installé mon ami sur la grande table basse de mon salon . Totalement désinfectée de tout objet parasite...

Je me suis équipé des instruments chirurgicaux conseillés par et achetés sur IFIX, j'ai disposé un second ordinateur portable avec le mode opératoire en ligne sur le visuel étape par étape de l'opération " changement de ventilateur " J'ai posé "la greffe"du ventilateur de rechange à porté de main , le tableau magnétique avec les cases pour poser les vis et en noter l'ordre. J'ai profité du bon éclairage du soleil ... j'ai opéré pendant environ 1 heure.

L'opération à été un succés.

My Advice

Suivre le mode opératoire en ligne avec un deuxième ordinateur (en WIFI par ex.) étape par étape .

Le tapis magnétique avec les cases et noter au stylo le n° d''ordre des vis est très important pour se rassurer et être sur de ne rien perdre et de tout remonter.

Profiter pour bien dépoussiérer l'intérieur avec une bombe à air comprimée .

My Problem

Noisy fan(s).

My Fix

Very smoothly, I did it with my 10 year old, he enjoyed the experience. I let him remove and replace screws.

My Advice

I made sure I taped the screws as I took them out to a piece of paper where I wrote the step number. The instructions were very clear, however connecting the tiny harnesses required the use of a strong flashlight to illuminate the connection point and then use a lot of caution in snapping and/or sliding the connections together. The process to replace both fans took 90 minutes allowing time for a teaching experience for my son. He now has an idea what is inside a laptop. Well worth it !


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