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MacBook Air (Original) 120 GB Hard Drive


Product code: IF107-073-1

Product Overview

A Replacement 120 GB Hard Drive for the Original Macbook Air

  • Craziest, thinnest, spinny-est hard drive in an Apple product.
  • Uses a ZIF-type connector
  • 120 GB in just 5 mm thick
  • Does not include hard drive cable.


  • 1.6 or 1.8 GHz Original MacBook Airs

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Used, fully tested


6 month warranty

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Product Details Edit

Tech Specs ¶ 

Drive ¶ 

Manufacturer: Samsung

Dimensions: 1.8" wide x 5mm tall

Capacity: 120 GB Unformatted

Speed: 4200 RPM

Buffer Size: 8 MB



MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304
1.6 GHz (Original)
1.8 GHz (Original)


My Problem

My original 80GB HD was showing signs of erratic failures until one day it decided to leave me on my own and wouldn't mount anymore (using Disk Utility).

The rest of the machine was working fine and my laptop was still shiny, which encouraged me to change the original HD and take this opportunity to increase the volume space to 120 GB as indicated on the iFixit website. Browsing through the manual and video it didn't look that hard a repair to do it myself, and I decided to place my order.

My Fix

The repair went nice and easy. The only issue I faced was to remove the foam from the original HD and paste it back to the new HD (well, what I managed to recover from the original one!). The new HD formatting and OS X installation went seemlessly and within an hour I was able to enjoy using my MacBook Air again.

My Advice

Remember to backup your files regularly. My latest backup was a bit outdated and I lost a few files (recent pictures). Lessons learned for the future!

My Problem

I wanted to replace the original 80GB HD to the extended 120GB which came with the Air a bit later than the original one.

My Fix

Perfect. Just followed the ifix guide and it went smooth.

My Advice

The ifixit wideo.

My Problem


My Fix

Great, thanks to your thorough instructions (Video and written), and parts.

My Advice

Nope, y'all were a huge help. Thanks!

My Problem

just needed some extra room - the original 80GB filled up fast

My Fix

went well and took about 15 minutes - included tools were great!

My Advice

i just wish there was a larger drive option for this early version - would have loved to get it to 250GB

My Problem

Hardrive had unrepairable errors.

My Fix

iFixit Team

I ordered the part 18:30ish (GMT) on the Friday evening, could believe it when I got home from work on Monday evening to find the new disk had arrived.

The next night I installed it with help from your utube clip explaining and showing the necessary stages. When it came to putting it all back together ...... no problems either. Powered it on and formatted and installed the O/S !!!!! ( I am now and Apple Engineer :-) or so I tell everyone.

Thanks for enquiring it shows you care. Please tell the girl in the utube clip if she ever in the UK and needs a place to stay she'd be always welcome at my house.

Many Many Thanks.


My Advice

Mac Air users do not fill your harddrive over 95% for prolonged periods. It seems constantly writing and rewriting to the same blocks can cause corruption.