Getting kernel panic when booting up


Last week while I was watchig a movie on my laptop, the computer froze and the colors changed to 32 or 16 bit. I turn the computer off and have been having trouble since. When I reboot I get a kernel panic message to restart. I've tried resetting the RAM and that worked to let me use my computer for a few days, but not anymore. I took it to the Apple store to get the video card replaced since theres been a recall on it and a graphics issue appeared to be the problem. They replaced it (and the logic board) for free, but it's still having the same issue of a kernel panic message showing up. All I got from the genius was that theres some issue in connections from where the power cable is plugged in to the logic board. They would fix it for $310, but I don't have that money and it's too old of a computer to invest that much in it. Any ideas what's wrong and how can I repair it?

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They replaced the logic board but are telling you there's a problem with the connection? Did you get a copy of the repair report from Apple? Do you have a case number? Was this a real Apple run store or an Authorized Service Provider?


Yes, like the graphics card wasnt the issue to begin with. Yes, i got the report. It was at an Apple retail store. I went back in to talk to them about it having new issues since i handed it off and itconcluded with them taking the computer to send for repair free of.charge. Hooray! Dont know whats wrong with it still. Anything the paperwork sad was about symptoms.


Sounds like their trying to do it right the second time.


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WHAT i would do in this case will start the MAC using the CD drive, with the MAC OS X reinstal software, go to disk utility and repair the hard drive. this will not delete your files, and as far as a know this migth be a hard drive issue. try that, and i really dont think it that there is an issue with the graphics card,.... do im wrong??? any wise person that can tell me that im wrong?? Mr. Rich.d Mayer.

oh and start the your apple candy with the C key when you turn it on.


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