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Together we can

fix any thing

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Find your repair match with iFixit.

Things break, but you got this—and we’re here to help. On, you’ll find tools, parts and almost 80,000 free repair guides for the stuff in your life. We’ve got an Answers forum for when you’re stuck during a repair—and a global community that you can share your experiences with. Simply because we think fixing is so much better together.

Small Things Can Mean the World

Take care. Repair.

The key to your first car. The favorite toy of your children, and their smile when they get to replace its battery for the first time. The smell of coffee in the morning after finally fixing the clogged coffee grinder. You don’t always need a lot to take care of what means a lot.

Toolkits for Starters and Sometimers

Unscrew the most frequent screws with the Mako Precision Bit Set—or tool up with our all-in-one starter kit for common electronics repairs and maintenance: the Essential Electronics Toolkit combines the 16 most important bits with opening tools for gadgets and small household appliances.

The Once-and-for-Always Toolbox Update

Get the best of both worlds now, and don’t lose time looking for the right tools ever again: Our iconic Pro Tech Toolkit includes the Mako Precision Bit Set, plus everything you’ll need to open and disassemble your electronic devices—all safely stored in a tool roll for on-the-fly repairs around your ever smarter home.

Amplify Your Dreams

Big ideas need powerful drivers.

Fix that guitar, and get that second-hand amplifier back to working. Build up that first double bed. Customize that camper van. Do anything you want, with all the right people, and all the right tools in your hands.

Toolkits for the Bigger Adventures

From precision electronics repairs to greater household and even outdoor projects—the Manta Precision Bit Set contains 112 bits for every eventuality. If you’re dealing with bigger screws only, the Mahi’s selection of 48 ¼’’ bits has your back.

Celebrate Those Small Gestures

Show the world that you care—and share your repair moment with #iFixit.