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Get 20% off iPhone + Pixel parts

20% Off

iPhone and Pixel Batteries and Screens

Apple’s giving us a new iPhone. So we’re giving you a sale. Fix your devices as new as last year’s models, for even less than usual.

(Excludes iFixit EU)


Batteries and screens up to iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max, and mini.

Google Pixel

Batteries and screens up to Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

We Found Apple’s Secret iPhone 14 Redesign

The thought-to-be-boring iPhone 14 turned out to have the most radical upgrade of any of Apple’s new phones: a repairable redesign.

What would you put in the SIM reader slot—besides a black plastic LEGO brick…?

6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your iPhone Battery

The Six Things That Make or Break Repairability

Quality Parts

Not all parts are created equal. Our batteries and screens are tested in-house and backed by our industry-leading warranty.