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New Isn’t Always Better – Or More Repairable

The Smartest Upgrade Is No Upgrade

We get it. Shiny and new is desirable. But let’s face it, your current device probably has more life left than you think. Fixing it is not just more economical than upgrading – it’s the sustainable choice. We’ve got what you need to get you started.

What Makes A Device Repairable?

Here at iFixit, we’re putting a lot of work and thought into tearing down and assessing devices to find out just how easy they are for you – the owner – to repair. The result is a simple number: the repairability score. But how we get that number is far from simple. We take a hard look at devices so you can choose one you can fix.

Apple’s Repair Efforts Aren’t Enough

The Right to Repair fight isn’t over just because Apple supports a bill. They’re still employing practices to prevent repairs outside of their ecosystem. But you don’t need their permission. Fix the iPhone you already have – and save money and the planet in the process.

iPhone 15 Teardown Reveals Software Lockdown

The iPhone 15 models continue iterating on the positives and negatives of the previous generation. While the internal design prioritizes common repairs and USB-C is a welcome change, the continued and increasing parts pairing forces a low score.

We’ve adjusted our iPhone 14 score. Here’s why.

As we tore down the iPhone 14, we were positively surprised by the internal design changes. So much so that we considered it the most repairable iPhone in years. But while the hardware improved, software locks got worse. And Apple isn’t backing down. It’s time to reflect that in the score.

Quality Parts

Not all parts are created equal. Our batteries and screens are tested in-house and backed by our industry-leading warranty.

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