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Blue and Black Friday Deals

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Which tech YouTuber are you?

Linus or MKBHD? Answer some questions, and we’ll match you to a YouTuber and one of our bundles.

Free shipping on orders $65+

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25% Off Seasonal Bundles

Bundles tailored to your repair needs. Discounted pricing ends Nov. 28.

Gamer Bundle

With the Manta Driver Kit’s wide selection of bits, your gamer’s repairs are about to get way more open-world. The supporting DLC for this bundle includes a Magnetic Project Mat to be your repair HUD and our Opening Tools Kit. The pièce de résistance: a Limited-Edition iFixit Keycap for personalizing your rig.

Everyday Carry Bundle

You’re prepared for most everything—why not add a tiny toolkit, just in case? The handy pouch can hold the Minnow Driver Kit (plus 3 extra bits), a Spudger, and a Limited-Edition Strap, so you carry them with you everywhere.

DIYer Bundle

With the Mahi Driver Kit, you can get a grip on your unfinished projects (you know the ones). A Jimmy, Heavy Duty Spudger, and an Anti-Static Brush will help you along the way. And at the end of the day, celebrate using the Limited-Edition Bottle Opener.

Electronics Repair Bundle

Want to try repairing your electronics and don’t know how to get going? Our Electronics Repair Bundle contains the best tools to get started: the Essential Electronics Toolkit, iFlex opening tool, and our new Precision Cleaning Kit for everyday maintenance.

Pro Tech Bundle

As seen on YouTube: our best-known toolkit, plus a Magnetic Mat and Limited-Edition Bottle Opener—crack open a cold one, you deserve it!

20% Off Toolkits

The tools you’ve been wanting, at the prices you’ve been waiting for. Only through Nov. 28!

Meet Anti-Clamp

Opens the heart of even the biggest Scrooge with the turn of a handle. The Anti-Clamp (affectionately called Clampy) has the right suction and force to get that screen removal done.


Meet FixMat

Santa’s Workshop, on the go. FixMat takes repairs anywhere thanks to sorting bins, a roll-proof pen, and strong magnetic surface.


iFixit 💙 Repair Cafe

To celebrate local repair communities around the world, we’re donating $1 to Repair Café for every bundle sold.

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