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Samsung Self Repair

Transform Your
Mobile Experience

Working together with Samsung, we are making it easier for Galaxy owners to take product repair into your own hands. With this offering, you can prolong the use of your devices, promote a circular economy and minimize e-waste.

Now you have access to Samsung genuine parts (in our US Store only) as well as step-by-step repair guides. To start, you will be able to replace display assemblies, back glass, and charging ports — and return used parts to Samsung for responsible recycling. In the future, Samsung plans to expand self-repair to more devices and repairs from our extensive product portfolio.

Broken Device? We’ve Got the Fix.

Click your device’s model to find the repair solution that’s right for you.

Quality Devices,
Quality Tools

We don’t just want your Samsung phone to last—we want the tools in your repair arsenal to last, too. Buy with confidence knowing that iFixit parts and tools come backed by an industry-leading guarantee. 

Get the Fix For Your Device

When your phone or tablet breaks, finding a fix can be tough. Now you’ve got options: Schedule a repair appointment with Samsung or fix it yourself with our premium parts and tools. 

The Ultimate Solution For Your Broken Device

Get premium iFixit tools backed by our Lifetime Guarantee and genuine Samsung parts (in our US Store only).

Everyday Changes,
Meaningful Impact

Keep the phone you love in service and out of the landfill. Extending the life of your device helps you live in a more sustainable way.

Need Support?

For repair tips, visit our Answers Forum, home to the world’s largest repair community.

For questions about your warranty or to schedule a repair, contact Samsung Care.