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Lenovo + iFixit

Repairability starts with design.

Repairability means responsibility

We are at a pivotal moment in technology, where innovation intersects with responsibility. The collaboration between Lenovo and iFixit is reshaping the future of business laptops. 

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T14 laptop is widely regarded as a go-to for performance, and now, the redesigned generation is setting a new standard—a standard for repairability. It’s a revolution in design that aligns with consumer rights and environmental sustainability—without compromise to function or form factor.

Repairability starts with design

Lenovo consulted with our iFixit Solutions team to gain insight on repairability, implementing our feedback to design the Gen 5 ThinkPad T14 to be a standard-bearer in repair-friendly technology. This is a laptop that retains its professional, sleek appearance but is a fixer’s dream on the inside. From easily replaceable parts to a design that prioritizes safe, straightforward repairs, every detail reflects Lenovo’s deep commitment to ensure that repairability is no longer an afterthought, but a key feature.

Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 5:
9/10 Repairability Score

Sustainability beyond compliance

At iFixit, we’re not just celebrating a product, but a broader paradigm shift in the industry. This isn’t just about a popular, high-performance laptop. It’s about a commitment to a future where technology is not only powerful, but also sustainable—because it is repairable. Lenovo isn’t merely meeting compliance standards; they’re cultivating a culture of repair. Repairability is now a distinguishing feature of the Lenovo experience. 

Lenovo’s initiative, enhanced by our collaboration, is a bold step towards a future where our laptops are not just tools for today, but investments in a more sustainable, repairable tomorrow.

Helping consumers choose smarter tech

For 20 years, iFixit has been tearing down and scoring the latest and greatest tech to find out just how easy they are for you—the owner—to repair. The result is a simple number: the repairability score. But how we get that number is far from simple. We take a hard look at devices so you can choose ones you can fix.

See what it’s like to fix it yourself

Fix your Lenovo laptop with step-by-step guides and quality parts.