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Kobo Repair Hub

kobo e-reader tablet teardown

Extend The Life of Your eReader 

Rakuten Kobo’s mission is to make reading lives better, and that includes designing innovative eReaders with features that enhance your love of books. We’ve partnered with Kobo to make it easier for you to DIY repair your eReader so you can extend its life and replace key components.

Get the Fix for Your Device

Find the repair solution for your eReader.

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Kobo Clara Colour

Kobo Libra Colour

Quality Tools for Quality Repairs

We don’t just want your Kobo eReader to last—we want the tools in your repair arsenal to last, too. Buy with confidence knowing that iFixit parts and tools come backed by an industry-leading guarantee.

You’ve got this

Find guides, tools, and spare parts to fix your Kobo eReader. We’ve specifically assembled Fix Kits that contain everything you need to swap out your battery, replace your screen, and more.


Repair Guides

With easy-to-follow step-by-step repair guides for Kobo devices, you can see exactly what you’re getting into before you start your repair.

All-In-One Fix Kits

No tools? No Problem. Get your official Kobo parts and iFixit tools all in one kit.

Working towards a sustainable future 

Find out more about how Kobo is working to minimize their carbon footprint.

Choosing to repair your products has many well-touted benefits. While nobody can predict the future, we know that when you decide to keep the devices you love in service and out of the landfill, you are making a valuable impact on the environment and society.

Need Support?

For repair tips, visit our Answers Forum, home to the world’s largest repair community.

For questions about your warranty or to schedule a repair, contact Kobo support.