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HMD Repair Hub

From makers of Nokia phones

Broken is Not the End…

Repair makes your devices last longer, which reduces waste and limits the use of natural resources. Every time you fix something, you help the planet, which is why we’ve teamed up with HMD to develop a complete repair solution.

Broken Phone?
We’ve Got the Fix.

Find the repair solution that’s right for you.

Nokia G310 5G

Quality Tools for Quality Repairs

We don’t just want your HMD device to last—we want the tools in your repair arsenal to last, too. Buy with confidence knowing that iFixit parts and tools come backed by an industry-leading guarantee.

You’ve Got It

Find guides, tools, and spare parts to fix your HMD phone. We have specifically assembled Fix Kits that contain everything you need to replace a battery, fix a broken screen, change out a bent charging port, or swap a scratched cover. 


Repair Guides

With easy-to-follow step-by-step repair guides for HMD devices, you can see exactly what you’re getting into before you start your repair.

All-In-One Fix Kits

No tools? No Problem. Get your official HMD parts and iFixit tools all in one kit.

Towards a More Repairable Future

The G310 5G is the beginning of an effort by HMD to make their devices more repairable. Self-repair extends their existing repair options.

Need Support?

For repair tips visit our Answers Forum, home to the world’s largest repair community.

For questions about your warranty or to schedule a repair, contact HMD—the makers of Nokia phones.