PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown!

August 26, 2009 Hardware, Site News, Teardowns — Miro

We have just taken apart the new PlayStation 3 Slim!

Sony clearly took cooling very seriously with this machine, which is quite easy to take apart but requires special security-bit Torx screwdrivers to dismantle.

We made a video of the result as well. Feel free to check it out on YouTube!

Highlights from the teardown:

* Sony stuck with a lot of the same chip manufacturers as the original PlayStation 3. We were expecting them to shift suppliers more, especially with commodity components like Apple has done.

* The upgraded 120 GB drive is a Toshiba-manufactured, 5400 RPM standard notebook SATA drive.

* The interior of the device is dominated by the fan, heatsink, and desktop computer-sized Blu-ray drive.

* The fan is an innovative design, with a massive 95mm diameter and whopping 17 blades!

* Sony used a Marvell Ethernet controller, Panasonic HDMI controller, and their own Sony-branded AV multi-out controller.

* The design aesthetic of this machine is a bit more bare-bones-functional than Apple’s, but is still beautiful in its own way.

* It’s evident that Sony’s chief design focus was effective heat dissipation. Sony used a large piece of custom molded plastic to route air from the fan over the heatsink. Time will tell how successful they were.

* This PS3 feels quite rugged. The plastic is stiff and high-quality, and the machine is very easy to service once you have the right Torx screwdriver.

Some pictures from the teardown:

Taking out the logic board

Taking out the logic board

The Cell processor

The Cell processor

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