MacBook Pro Unibody broken down!

October 15, 2008 Teardowns — Kyle Wiens

We finished our first look at the MacBook Pro Unibody.

Macbook Unibody take apart!

Macbook Pro Unibody Internals

MacBook Pro Unibody tidbits:

  • Upgrading the RAM and hard drive is very easy, but you do need a Torx screwdriver to replace the hard drive.
  • Contrary to some fears, the keyboard in the MacBook Pro is user-serviceable. It’s a fair amount of work to remove (you have to remove 56 screws).
  • The AirPort and Bluetooth boards are in the display assembly. The AirPort card is user-serviceable, while the Bluetooth board is not.
  • We identified the dual Nvidia chipset

MacBook Pro Unibody Teardown

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