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uAttend bn6000 Troubleshooting

uAttend bn6000 Biometric Fingerprint LAN Time Clock

uAttend BN6000 Troubleshooting ¶ 

This troubleshooting guide will help you find solution for common uAttend BN6000 problems.

Clock Has No Network Connection ¶ 

The uAttend bn6000 is unable to connect to the network server.

uAttend is not plugged into the router ¶ 

The uAttend time clock must be plugged directly into an internet router to ensure proper network connectivity. Make sure your internet connection is active and working properly

Router/Modem Issues ¶ 

If the time clock is unable to connect to the network server, you may be experiencing problems with your modem or router. Turn off your router, wait 30 seconds, then turn back on. If problem persists, contact your internet service provider.

Clock Will Not Turn On ¶ 

The time clock is not powering up properly for use.

AC Adapter is not plugged in properly ¶ 

The AC adapter must be connected properly to the clock and also plugged into a 110VAC power source to operate properly. Check to make sure that both ends of the AC adapter are plugged in fully.

No Power Source ¶ 

You must have a live 110VAC power supply to efficiently operate the clock. Check and make sure that unit is plugged in properly to a live power source.

Keyboard not responding ¶ 

The keyboard is not registering the correct items when pressed.

Keyboard is dirty ¶ 

The keyboard must be clean of debris in order to operate properly. Clean the keyboard with electronics cleaner and blow off excess debris with Air Duster.

System is Frozen ¶ 

If the keyboard is clean and still not operating properly, turn clock off by unplugging, wait 30 seconds, and then plug clock back in to restart.

Keyboard is Faulty ¶ 

If keyboard is still not responding after above steps, replacement of keyboard component may be necessary. keyboard Replacement Guide

Finger print scanner not reading properly ¶ 

Failure to read fingerprint scan.

Finger is dirty ¶ 

Finger must be wiped clean of dirt and debris for scanner to properly recognize finger print. Wipe with cleaning cloth and scan again.

Scanner screen is dirty ¶ 

Scanner must be wiped clean of dirt and debris to recognize finger print properly. Wipe scanner screen with electronics cleaning cloth and scan again.

Improper finger placement ¶ 

Finger must be placed in proper central position on screen in order to recognize fingerprint properly. Center finger on screen and scan again.

Fingerprint scanner is faulty ¶ 

In the case that all of the above troubleshooting solutions don’t work, remove and replace fingerprint scanner screen. Fingerprint Replacement Guide

PIN unrecognized ¶ 

PIN unrecognizable when entered.

Incorrect PIN number entered ¶ 

Each employee is given a personal ID number which what be entered in paper sequence for proper time clock open it. Make sure proper PIN was entered.

User deleted ¶ 

User must be added and registered to the user template in order to clock-in/clock-out properly. uAttend User Templates

Device factory reset ¶ 

In the case that device was reset to factory settings, all user ID’s must be re-entered as new user templates. Device reset


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