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Proof of Concept

Definition: Proof of Concept.

A proof of concept is a short term, limited scope test that is used to prove the viability of a long term, unrestricted project. ¶ 

For the purposes of the Pro Tech Network, a Proof of Concept is encouraged for any new business startup. In theory, you may have the skills needed to start a business. You might even have customers lined up, and a local market that demands the services you want to provide. But, you can't prove any of this until you start your business. Instead of quitting your job to pursue an untested business model, start with a Proof of Concept:

  1. Determine achievable goals that can be tested without a huge investment. Don't go into debt.
  2. Work around your current obligations to try to meet these goals. Don't quit your job.
  3. Assess the degree of your success based on your initial expectations and your ability to meet those goals. Don't think it'll get easier.

For most, a Proof of Concept means working nights and weekends on a new business until they have proved that they can earn enough with this new business to pay their bills.

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