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iRobot Roomba 960 Troubleshooting

The Roomba® 960 seamlessly navigates an entire level of your home, keeping track of its location and recharging as needed until the job is done.

When battery is about to die, Roomba fails to return to Home Base.

If Roomba is picked up and moved during a cleaning job, it will not be able to find the Home Base when the “DOCK” button is pressed, unless it is placed facing the Home Base within 6 ft (1.8 m) of the Home Base. To resolve this, unplug the line cord from the Home Base and then plug it back in to ensure that it is fully inserted with a tight fit. Verify that the power indicator on the Home Base starts blinking approximately once every 4 seconds or illuminates solid for approximately 4 seconds and then goes out. This is normal behavior, designed to conserve energy. Ensure there are no Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barriers or other Home Bases located within 8 ft (2.5 m) of the Home Base. These could cause infrared beam interference. Position the Home Base on a hard, level surface against a wall. Ensure Roomba has a clear path to the Home Base, and that the Home Base is at least 4 ft (1.2 m) from any stairs and that Roomba has a clear path to reach it.

The battery may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the battery.

Roomba does not turn on or show any indication of charging.

If the charging base is not the problem, the battery may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the battery.

Allow Roomba to cool down for at least one hour. Charge Roomba again in a cooler environment.

Examine the charger or Home Base line cord and look for any damage. If using a charger, plug the charger into an outlet and verify that the power indicator on the charger illuminates solid green. Replace a needed.

The handle is noticeably cracked or broken.

A handle replacement will be needed. Remove the faceplate and the lower section below the keypad. Using an adequate amount of force, pop the broken handle off and insert the replacement handle. No screws will be needed. The replacement should snap on and off relatively easily.

Roomba misses sections of your home after completing its cleaning job.

Wipe the clear window on the robot's top surface using a microfiber or soft cotton cloth that has been lightly dampened with water or a screen cleaning solution.

If Edge Clean is deactivated, Roomba may not cover your entire floor. To change the setting, open the iRobot HOME App and select Cleaning Preferences ➔ Edge Clean and then toggle Edge Clean on or off.

To clean the floor tracking sensor, turn Roomba over and use a clean, dry microfiber or soft cotton cloth to wipe any debris that has accumulated in the round sensor opening on the right side of the robot's bottom surface. Do not spray cleaning solution directly into the sensor opening.

Dark or dimly lit rooms can cause problems with the Roombas navigation and coverage. Make sure all rooms covered by the Roomba have adequate lighting.

When using the iRobot HOME App, you cannot connect Roomba to your home network.

Ensure Roomba is located within a 10 ft (3 m) radius of the mobile device, and in range of the desired Wi-Fi network.

If the device does not have a strong Wi-Fi signal, check for sources of interference, such as Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, baby monitors and microwaves. Radio waves used for Wi-Fi also have difficulty penetrating building materials such as steel and concrete. The Home Base® can be placed closer to the router if there is poor Wi-Fi signal strength at the current Home Base location.


Is it possible to have two different I-PHONES programed to start the Roomba 960 remotely?

hoppy5 - Reply

Roomba 960 side spinning brushes are not working . Help

Ann Allen - Reply

Roomba 960 side spinning brushes wont spin help

Ann Allen - Reply

The basket full remains on when the basket is empty. Roomba dosen't work with this light illuminated.

Doug Edson - Reply

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