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iRobot Roomba 860 Troubleshooting

This product was released in March 2016. The product part number is R860020.

When the device runs, the battery dies before factory described time.

If the device is leaving the charging station without a full charge this would cause the battery to die before factory specifications. This may be caused by a schedule or configuration error.

Although the device may be near the charging station, the metal contacts on device may not be properly touching the charging station contacts. Contacts should be cleaned, and the charging station or contacts should be replaced.

The battery could be dead, or can no longer hold a full charge. If it can't hold a charge, it will not be able to charge fully and would need replacement.

The device travels across the floor and doesn't pick up contaminants .

The trash bin may be full, and can no longer hold any more contaminants. It should be emptied and placed back in contact with trash bin sensor.

The debris extractor may lose it's tread or may not be rotating. If it can't rotate it will not be able to pick up contaminants on the floor. Debris should be cleaned off the extractor or the extractor may need to be replaced.

The device turns on to clean but does not move.

The side wheels may have objects twisted around the axle or debris in between the wheel and device housing. This inhibits the wheel from rotating freely. The treads may also be worn out and can lose grip with floor. The wheels may need replacement.

The castor wheel may be stiff and will not rotate, this indicates debris in center wheel housing and which should be removed and cleaned. If the problem persists, there may be a bearing issue and the wheel may need to be replaced.

The device moves and cleans but tries to continue forward after running into a wall.

Objects in the wheel could prevent the device from rotating properly by not allowing the wheel to spin freely. The side wheel should be removed and cleaned or if the problem persists, it may need replacement.

The front bumper may not be registering with the sensor. If the sensor doesn't detect contact it will not try and rotate to avoid hitting the wall. The sensor may need replacement.

The device no longer creates audio notification or noises as it did after receiving from factory.

The device audio speaker could be worn out or damaged and no longer working. This could be caused by a faulty speaker or a loose connection to the speaker. The speaker may need replacement.


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