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iRobot Roomba 630 Troubleshooting

This page will help you diagnose problems with iRobot Roomba 630 identified by model number R630020, and ASIN B008LX6JWG

The yellow side brush does not move.

To remove the dirt use a PH2 screw size to remove the screws and clean the underside of it. If the brush still does not move you should check the gears. To check the gears, you will need to pry the cover off. Once the cover is off make sure there is no rocks or debris stuck in the gears. How to clean the side brush and replace the motor.

If after cleaning the side brush of all debris the brush still does not move then you need to check if the gears have lubricant applied to them. To do this you need to use a PH2 screw size to remove the screws and then use a prying tool to get the cover to the gears off. How to get to the gears. Once the cover is off check to see if the gears have a lubricant applied to them if not then you will need to reapply some lubricant.

The Roomba moves, but it does not clean the floor.

The Roomba emits a loud thumping sound When it encounters deep pile carpet or other obstructions. This is normal, but if you notice that the Roomba gets stuck and is unable to free itself, it may be necessary to clean the brushes, refer to the Dirty Brush section to know how to clean the brush.

To remove the bin, press the bin release button and pull to remove the bin, then clean filter compartment and then clean or replace the filter. before reinserting the bin, remember to inspect and clean the brushes and side brush.

How to replace the filter

Remove brush guard by removing both tabs then, Remove and clean hair and dirt from the yellow brush bearings. Finally,Remove and clean the brush caps. Clean the brush using the red cleaning tool included with the Roomba.

Remove the bin and use a dry towel to wipe all of the dirt and hair out of it. If you use anything wet make sure to let it completely dry.How to remove the bin and clean it.

If the bin is too loose the Roomba won't be able to tell if it is full or not, a new bin will be required to return the Roomba to a fully functioning state. Replacing the bin

If the Roomba is behaving erratically, check that your Roomba has the latest software update, if it doesn’t update it and restart your Roomba. To install the software download the iHome app on your phone and connect to wifi, this app will allow you to setup automatic updates.

After charging the Roomba for 16 hours, it is still not turning on

If the Roomba is not turning on, try charging the battery from the power supply instead of the home base. Plug the power supply into a battery backup, then plug the other end of it into the charging port located next to the right wheel.

If the Roomba is still not turning on you can try to reset the battery. First remove the battery, then hold the power button down for 5-15 seconds. Then put the battery back in and charge it.

Use a multimeter to check if battery can still hold charge, to do this hold the black wire to the negative and red wire to the positive. If the battery is holding charge let it cool down and try charging it again. If the battery is not holding a charge at all you will need to replace the battery.

The roomba keeps entering rooms where the wall setup.

Your Roomba may not have received the latest software update. To install the software download the iHome app on your phone and connect to wifi, this app will allow you to setup automatic updates.

Batteries may be dead try replacing them it takes C batteries.

The Roomba is on but is stuck.

Cliff sensors are on the bottom of the Roomba and prevent your device from falling off of a ledge. If your Roomba is getting stuck over dark colored carpet and dark objects then your Roomba is mistaking these objects as a cliff. Try disabling your cliff sensors to resolve this problem.

Your wheels could be trapped up by hair and other debris that's causing the Roomba to not move. First use a brush to try and get any debris out of the wheels.

One of the biggest wheels may be broken and may need to be replaced. To find out what wheel needs to be replaced, turn the Roomba over. Then see if the wheel is the left or right. A R or L will be near the wheel to denote which wheel is broken.To replace the broken wheel, click on this replacement guide. Replacing the Wheels

The front wheel may be broken and may need to be replaced. First, remove the front wheel by pulling firmly. Second, make sure there is no debris where the wheel sits. Finally, Push the replacement wheel into the wheel cavity until it clicks into place to re-install it.

If your charging station is too far away from the area you are cleaning the Roomba could get lost. It is best to position your charging station at a centralized location so your Roomba can easily return. The charging station needs to have 4 feet of clearance in front of it and 1.5 feet on the sides.


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