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The Roomba is ineffective with regards to picking up and retaining dirt and hair within its range.

The iRobot is a cleaning tool, but as its user’s floors remain spotless the Roomba’s insides will remain a hub for dirt, hair, lint, dust, and more.

To properly maintain the internal components, lay the Roomba on a clean surface (top side down). Carefully unscrew the bottom cover and remove the brushes. Check the main brushes and the rest of the insides and remove any debris accordingly.

The motor(s) that control the main or side brush may suddenly become weaker or stop working altogether, hindering the cleaning experience.

The motors can be found by removing the underside of the roomba. For the main brush, remove the blue casing by holding pressing the yellow clips and removing the lid; for the side brush, unscrew the circular component on top of the left wheel and remove the gears and casing until the motor is exposed. Problems to the motor or motors may be due to factors such as faulty hardware or use beyond its intended limitations or unintended debris interference. If the latter option is the case, clean accordingly. If the first two options are the case, consider replacing the motor(s).

Due to the tilted dock the charger might not be at a suitable angle to connect.

Although the Roomba and its dock might not look the part, these units are actually very sensitive to uneven surfaces. Make sure that the dock is on a level surface that is not tilted or bent. If the surface is appropriate for the components, this may indicate that certain parts are not assembled correctly.

If the problem persists while the surface is deemed appropriate, this may indicate that certain parts were not assembled correctly. If the problem still occurs then try checking all screws at the bottom, just in case the Roomba was open and improperly re-assembled.

If the Roomba is not charging or the battery dies frequently please take the following steps:

There are times when the Roomba's battery does not perform on par with the user's expectations (by not holding its charge, for example). If the battery can be restored to its original capacity, the first step would be to press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds, then charge the Roomba for approximately 16 to 18 hours. If the light turns green, check and see if the 16 hour charge made any difference. Otherwise, the battery is either irreparably faulty or has run its course, in which case the user will have to replace it.

The main button for the iRobot Roomba is located on the top of the unit. Certain problems include complications with the control panel.

It is a common problem for Roomba users to experience problems with their control buttons after dirt accumulates within the control panel. In these cases the user should carefully disassemble the unit and clean the control panel as needed.

There are certain situations in which the control panel itself is defective, and by extension the lack of feedback from the buttons can not be solved by normal maintenance. It would be best in this situation to replace the control panel altogether with a working component.

The Roomba won’t turn on when the power button is pressed.

As simple as it may seem, having an empty battery could be the cause to why it isn't turning on. Try charging the roomba and pressing the power button. If this doesn't work then there is a chance that the battery is dead, simply buy a new roomba battery and plug it in.

If the Roomba isn’t charging check to see if the charging base LED turns green to indicate that it is charging. If it isn't lighting up check to see if you are plugging in the Charging base into a working power outlet. If none of the above is working then the charging base is faulty.

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shot in the dark but, recently my pet series 595 remote control in non-responsive

any ideas?? :) thx for your time


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