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iLive IKBC384S Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the iLive Under Cabinet Music System IKBC384S

Display is not working properly ¶ 

I want to turn on my iLive device, but the display is not working so I cannot determine if the device is powered or working.

The “Display” button was not pressed ¶ 

There is a button labelled “Display” on the device. This button may not have been pressed to initiate the display. Press the display button and see if the display works properly.

The device is not plugged into a power outlet and/or has missing or dead batteries. ¶ 

This device can be powered with batteries and also AC/DC power. Ensure that the device is plugged into a wall outlet properly. Make sure your batteries are installed correctly and are not dead if you are not using AC/DC power.

Battery connection not working ¶ 

I want to unplug my radio from the wall so it will run on batteries but the power will not turn off

Make sure the batteries are aligned and properly placed ¶ 

Make sure that the positive and negative sides of the battery are aligned and placed firmly in the slot

Battery connectors are corroded ¶ 

If the power is not turning on even after you have pressed the power button or power is weak you will need to clean the battery slot and connectors, if this does not work your connectors will need replacing.

Speakers not working correctly ¶ 

I am trying to listen to music and there is no sound

The device's volume is muted ¶ 

For example if your device is an iPhone, make sure the volume is turned up

The speaker has split wire(s) ¶ 

Check to see if the audio out cord and the power cord for the speaker are securely plugged in and not split or frayed. If they are, then you should safely solder the wires back together if you have the ability to do so. If not, you will likely need to replace the speakers in the device.

Disc tray is not working correctly ¶ 

I want to insert a disc into my device but it will not accept the disc

There is another disc or debris inside the disc tray ¶ 

Take a flashlight and look into the disc tray slit. Eject any disc that may already be in there. Using a thin object such as a paperclip or toothpick to remove any debris that may be stopping the disc tray from properly working. Compressed air should be sprayed carefully into the tray to remove any debris remaining.

Your disc tray is damaged and needs to be replaced ¶ 

Someone a piece or multiple pieces of the disc tray have been damaged, and therefore you must replace the entire disc tray. See your guide here:

Radio is not connecting ¶ 

I want to listen to the radio but my device isn’t picking up radio stations

Make sure you have the right setting on ¶ 

Make sure you have the corresponding setting on, for example if you want to listen to an FM station, make sure it’s on FM setting

Move any devices near the system that could be causing interference ¶ 

Some devices like routers, TVs, microwaves, and similar appliances will cause interference with the radio connection. Move the appliances to a different location.

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My radio is less than a year old. This morning it was running automatically thru all the radio stations, opening and closing the CD door, volume was going up, and could not turn on or off without unplugging. What is going on?

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