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iHome iW1 Troubleshooting

Released in 2011, by iHome, known as the iW1 portable speaker system.

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose hardware problems with the iHome iW1 Speaker.

iHome does not turn on. ¶ 

I want to listen to music with my iHome, but it wont power on.

iHome is not charged. ¶ 

Even though the iHome can be used for long periods of time, charging is required for continuous performance. The iHome comes with a charger that can be plugged in to replenish the battery and power on.

iHome battery is faulty. ¶ 

iHome does not turn on or is flashing the low battery sign even after long charging period. Some symptoms may include the iHome not lasting as long as the factory described battery time as well.

iHome charger is faulty. ¶ 

Sometime, the fault may lie with the charger used to charge the iHome speaker. To confirm the performance of the charger, try plugging it into another device. If the other device is not charged with the charger, then purchase a new charger.

iHome still refuses to charge. ¶ 

If the battery and the charger is not in fault, the issue may lie within the charging nodes. These nodes may be blocked with debris that can possibly be cleaned when removing the charging nodes. If there is not debris obstructing the charging nodes, then is is likely that the nodes need to be replaced.

Motherboard is faulty. ¶ 

If the above solutions do not work, then the motherboard may be the cause of the problem. Although this is rarely the case.

Media device will not play through iHome. ¶ 

I want to play my songs through the USB or 3.5mm auxiliary cord, but I cannot connect.

3.5mm Auxiliary cord or USB cable damaged. ¶ 

3.5mm auxiliary cords and USB cables can wear down after continuous use. A new cable is a great place to start.

3.5mm Auxiliary port or USB port is loose or lost inside the device. ¶ 

Sometimes the port that is soldered onto the device’s motherboard can be damaged and will become loose and may fall into the housing. In this case the port will need to be re-soldered or the motherboard replaced.

Weak wireless connection. ¶ 

The Wi-Fi connection maybe be weak or will not connect to Wi-Fi at all. There is a light on top of the speaker that will turn on if it is working otherwise will not turn on.

iHome Wireless card is faulty. ¶ 

Although improbable the internal wireless components can be damaged either through environmental factors such as rusting or even through means of electrical failure such as shorting. In this case the wireless logic board will need to be replaced.

iHome wireless antenna has disconnected from the motherboard. ¶ 

A new antennae or connecting wire will need to be soldered back onto the motherboard.

iHome is damaged externally ¶ 

The iHome seems to work, but there is damage on exterior layer.

iHome handle broke ¶ 

To fix this issue, simply replace the handle with a few disassembly steps.

iHome buttons damaged or missing ¶ 

The solution to this problem can be remedied fairly simply. All you have to do is buy new buttons and replace them by opening the exterior.

iHome has no sound or has unclear quality ¶ 

The iHome sound quality is really poor or there is no sound at all.

iHome only plays high frequency notes. ¶ 

The lack of low frequency notes is usually a symptom of a blown/ broken woofer speaker. The two speakers will need to be removed and replaced.

iHome only plays low frequency notes. ¶ 

This symptom usually leads to the replacement of the Tweeter speakers. Both will need to be replaced.

iHome makes a crackling sound when playing music. ¶ 

Speakers may be blown, auxiliary cord may be damaged, wiring to the speakers may be faulty, or the motherboard may need to be replaced.


I Tried To up Date my iHOME iW1 Then it would ‘not play at all. Could not restart it, Played fine before it asked me to update it I called the company they told me it would be $125.00 plus shipping. I tried hard starting it no luck at all. if anyone could help me it would be appreciated.

c.severini - Reply

No it was updated and now it will not play Ha brand new iMac

c.severini -

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