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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The Device Will Not Turn on ¶ 

The pony will not respond while the power switch is set to 'ON'

Batteries are Dead ¶ 

Try replacing the four AA batteries located in the butt of the pony by removing the screw on the rear panel.

The Power Switch Is Disconnected or Broken ¶ 

See (power switch replacement guide) to fix or replace the switch.

The Pony Has Stopped Moving, or Only One Motor Is Functioning ¶ 

If your pony is responding to commands but is unable to move, or only one leg's motor is working.

The Pink Track May Be Stuck ¶ 

Try physically moving the pink tracks on the front two legs. If both tracks are moving freely with no obstruction, try the pony again before moving to the next section.

The Motor(s) May Be Broken ¶ 

Try replacing the motor as shown in the (Motor Replacement Guide).

The Pony Does Not Register Toys ¶ 

The pony turns on and functions normally, but does not respond when given its included toys (sugar cube, carrot, apple). Petting and brushing the pony still functions as normal.

The Pony's Chest Sensors Need to Be Replaced ¶ 

The main electronic board inside the pony needs to be replaced using the (Main Board Replacement Guide). The sensors are soldered onto the main board so a complete replacement is necessary.

The Pony's Leg Joint(s) Is/Are Loose ¶ 

The pony's leg is limp and does not support its weight properly. The pony's leg freely hangs.

The Spring in the Pony's Leg Has Probably Broken or Come Loose ¶ 

The spring will need to be replaced or reset, depending on the situation. Both can be achieved by looking at our (Spring Replacement Guide).

Volume Is Off, Low, or Distorted ¶ 

The sound coming from your pony is not optimal.

Sound Is Too Low ¶ 

Make sure to set the volume slider to High volume if you have not already.

If the sound is still too low, (See the Speaker Replacement Guide)

Sound Is Distorted or There Is No Sound at All ¶ 

The pony's speaker may need to be replaced. Refer to our (Speaker Replacement Guide).


The pony turns on I. Sleepy mode even with new batteries and won’t wirk

Linda Kress - Reply

Pony has new batteries and turns on in sleepy mode and won’t work

Linda Kress - Reply

@pink1965 I just had the same issue and despite phone support the Zoomer company has given me no help. We’ve replaced the batteries several times, and the pony now beeps, sometimes begins to start, goes to sleep or just shuts off.

Did you find out any information about what to do?

Miles Alden - Reply

Our pony is hardly a month old, but is no longer making sounds. Volume is up & she does all of her tricks but no sound comes out.

Brandy McDaniel - Reply

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