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Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder

Released July 13, 2015

You have trouble turning the device on

Make sure the power adapter is plugged into the wall and the charging light is glowing on the Zoom Q8 Recorder.

If the power adapter and the light for the battery being charged is on try replacing the battery with and new one and see if it works. If it doesn't work and its not the charging adapter or battery then it is the wiring of the device.

If the power adapter and the battery have been replaced and the device is still not turning on. The power buttons could not be working. To check you will need to open of the device and make sure the power button is clicking down on the appropriate spot. Also make sure the wiring to the power buttons are connected.

You have problems with the camera

Check to make sure the screen is on. Also make sure the device is fully charged and the battery is not dead. If these two are working and the camera is on the camera is broken and must be replaced.

If it is not the camera. It must be an electrical problem on the mother board of the device.

You will need to open of the device and take a look to see if it is a wire causing the problem or the mother board itself.

If both the camera and the wiring in the device are good. It could be the recording buttons. You will need to open the device and make sure the button is not broken, hitting the right spot, and the wiring is all good.

You are having problem recording sound

Take a video with the device and make sure it is recording. After the recording test the video on your computer to make sure the audio recorder. If it does not capture any sound their must be something wrong with the microphone and they must be replaced.

If the microphones have been replaced it could be a problem with wiring and the connections to the mother board of the device. You will need to open of the device and make sure that the connections between the microphone and the mother board is good.


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