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ZTE Majesty Troubleshooting

Released August 2013. Identified by model number Z796C

ZTE Majesty will not turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your ZTE Majesty to turn on.

Dead battery ¶ 

If your ZTE Majesty will not turn on, you may have a loose connection. Open the back and check the battery. If the phone still doesn't turn on, you might simply have a drained battery. Replacing the battery will solve the problem.

Black display ¶ 

If it appears nothing is happening and the display is pitch black, it is possible that the display is defective and must be replaced. It is also possible that the phone has the Black Screen of Death. A few solutions to that can be found in Screen of Death.

ZTE Majesty has no headphone audio ¶ 

Your ZTE Majesty turns on and works normally, but when you play audio with headphones and speakers, the audio doesn't work properly.

Faulty headphones ¶ 

Check with a different set of headphones or speakers by connecting them into the audio jack to see if the phone audio jack is the problem.

Pocket lint ¶ 

Lint tends to built up in small crevices while the phone is in your pocket. Using a flashlight to see, remove any pocket lint with a small needle.

Broken audio jack ¶ 

If the audio jack still doesn't give off any sound when you plug something to it, the cause of an audio output problem on your ZTE Majesty is a broken audio jack. Ebay sells the required audio jack.

ZTE Majesty has cracked screen ¶ 

If the screen is cracked, it will have to be replaced.

Screen replacement ¶ 

A helpful link on how to replace the screen, screen replacement.

To purchase a new screen.

ZTE Majesty will not charge ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your ZTE Majesty charging light to turn on and charge the phone.

Pocket lint in the charge port ¶ 

Before tearing the phone apart, check to make sure there is no lint built up in the charge port. Using a small flashlight look into the charging port for any lint build up and use a needle to remove the lint. Lint in the charging port will not allow the charging cable to appropriately charge the phone.

Appropriate Charging Cable ¶ 

Every phone comes with its own charging cable. Be sure you are using the correct charging cable for the ZTE Majesty.

Still not charging ¶ 

If you have changed out the battery and the phone still won't charge, then you may need to change out the charge port itself.

ZTE Majesty speakers are not working ¶ 

There is a static sound coming from the speaker. The speaker is going in and out of sound. Replacing the speaker will fix the problem.

Speaker Replacement ¶ 

How to replace speaker.

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