ZTE Awe Troubleshooting

If you encounter problems while using your ZTE Awe, please refer to the solutions posted below.

ZTE Awe is Not Turning On ¶ 

Battery is Drained ¶ 

Recharge the phone's battery.

Phone Won't Turn On ¶ 

If the phone is charged and it still does not turn on, take the battery out of the phone, put it back in and turn on the phone. This will reboot the phone, ruling out software issues.

ZTE Awe is Not Charging ¶ 

Check the Charger ¶ 

First, ensure sure the battery is properly installed. Then, make sure you are using the appropriate charger for the ZTE Awe and that the charger is plugged into an outlet that works. Check out this troubleshooting page on how to replace the battery.

The Battery or Battery Charger is Damaged ¶ 

Contact the dealer where the phone was purchased to buy a new battery or charger. You may also be able to purchase the battery or charger on the Internet, such as through Amazon.com.

Poor Contact Between the Battery and Charger ¶ 

Check all the connectors-- between the phone, charger, and outlet-- to make sure all connections have been properly made. For example, make sure the charger is plugged into an outlet that works; make sure the charger is plugged into the right port in your phone; and make sure it's plugged in all the way to both the phone and electrical outlet.

Where is Your Phone Being Charged? ¶ 

Avoid charging your phone in extreme temperatures. Extreme temperatures are below 32°F (0°C) and higher than 113°F (45°C).

ZTE Awe Touch Screen is Not Responding ¶ 

Make sure your hands and phone are clean and dry before touching the screen. Then, press the power button to restart the phone. If this doesn't work, please refer to "ZTE Awe is Not Turning On."

ZTE Awe is Unable to Connect to the Network ¶ 

No Service ¶ 

If you are unable to connect to the network, go to the menu key setting, and then go to wireless and network and settings. Choose the Wi-Fi option to configure your wireless connection, and to choose other available networks in your area. If this doesn't work, check the service area with your service provider.

Poor Internet Signal ¶ 

Move to an open space. If you are in a building, move towards a window. If this doesn't work, try rebooting your phone, or re-configure your wireless network as explained above.

ZTE Awe Crashes, Reboots, Freezes, or Cannot be Powered On ¶ 

Incompatible Software ¶ 

Some third-party software that isn't compatible with the phone can cause the ZTE Awe to crash, reboot, or freeze. Uninstall the software that may be causing the problem, by going to the Play Store to uninstall the application (app). On the Apps screen of Play Store, touch the Menu Key > My apps. Then, touch the app to open its details screen. Touch Uninstall > OK.

If this doesn't work, contact your dealer if you are having trouble detecting the incompatible software.

Software Needs to be Updated ¶ 

Upgrade the phone's software to the most recent software available. This will prevent any compatibility problems to occur with the phone. Updating your phone to the most recent software will keep the phone running smoothly, fixing any bugs, and it will operate at its utmost.

Reset ¶ 

Reset the phone to factory status. This will restore the phone's original settings, erasing all and any apps, updates, and data stored in the phone.

ZTE Awe Has Shortened Standby Time ¶ 

Temporarily Power Off the Phone ¶ 

The standby time is related to your service provider system configuration. The same phone used with different service providers’ systems will not provide exactly the same length of standby time. If you are located in an area where signaling is weak, temporarily turn off the phone. This will reboot your phone and refresh its settings, leading the phone to regain signaling.

Battery's Life is Shortened ¶ 

Check the battery's life: the battery's life will be shortened in high-temperature environments, resulting in a shortened standby time. If your phone was exposed to high temperatures, purchase a new battery from your service provider.

Check Your Network Location ¶ 

If you are not able to connect to the network, the phone will continue to send out signals as it attempts to locate a base station. This consumes battery power and shortens standby time. Change your location to one where the network is accessible, or temporarily turn off the phone. You can change your location by going to the menu key setting, and then touch wireless and network and settings. Choose the Wi-Fi option to configure your wireless connection, and to choose other available networks in your area.

ZTE Awe Does Not Have Enough Storage ¶ 

Unable to Enter Information in the Phone Book ¶ 

If this happens, it is because the phone book's memory is already full. Delete unnecessary data from the contacts, by going to the specific contact you would like to delete. Then, touch options > erase/delete contact.

Unable to Store Other Data ¶ 

Memory is Full ¶ 

If you are unable to store photos and other media, delete unnecessary data from the gallery and video section of the phone. Go to your menu to find your media folder > touch photo you wish to delete > options > erase/delete photo.

Add Data Storage to the Phone ¶ 

Purchase a memory card from your cellular dealer to add data storage. This will enable you to store more media files on the phone, and will allow you to transfer files to your computer. Your service provider will know which memory card is compatible with the ZTE Awe. You can also search the Internet for "ZTE Awe N800 memory cards," and find results with photos and descriptions.


N800 ZTE will not charge on the wall outlet. Only through USB port in computer. Help?

Jose Olazabal - Reply

People can't hear me when they call unless its on speaker.. What could be the problem?

laurenda -

Can't make outgoing call

Timothy Ford - Reply

I'm having the same problem did you ever get a resolution

Dawn Gilbert -

Background keeps dimming

michelle mcmaster - Reply

My friend has the ZTE Z833. The phone went dead and she tried to recharge it. The red light flashed 3 times then went pour. 15 minutes later no power. The charger is good. I tried to do a hard reset, but the reboot mode screen didn't appear. Help me solve this problem.

Reavy Waahington -

When I cut the phone on and try to enter the password in it won't respond to the touch of my finger. What should i do????

Elizabeth geter - Reply

Sounds like a memory problem. Go into system settings if you can and go into screen security. Read through it. Uncheck all areas of entry security, save, and try and get in. For phone

Robin Wenz -

What if your ZTE phone apps won't work? Like my music app. It keeps saying "com.google.android. music has stopped" what do I do?

Naomi - Reply

My dl800 when your turning it on you know how it does say digicel an come on mines only saying digicel n it ain't coming on the me what to do please

miguelsamuel394 - Reply

my cellphone Zte S6 Blade is showing me a blackscreen whta should i do to fix it?

Lolidio Jose - Reply

My ZTE phone will not turn on. I came here for help but after 2 seconds of reading he solution posted here I am very disappointed. The post says to 'take the battery out and then put it back in". Everyone who has a ZTE knows that one of its most distinguishing features is the fact that it does not have a removable battery!! Some REAL help please!

xeyna89236 - Reply

not every zte mobile i use zte mobile in which battery can be removed

Prabhu Dg -

I have almost the same problem with my phone, and don't know what to do??!!

Dhvani Patel -

my ZTE phone will not load properly what can i do

alo badmos - Reply

my zte phone will not charge i plug it up and the red light comes on but it takes it hours to charge then i try and turn it on cause it is like 34% it shuts down HELP

goingtoschool219 - Reply

I am having the same problem with my te phone ,after charging it comes on then it cuts off and it does that on and off till battery is dead again ,did you get any help what to do ? The red light stays on I need help ......

the girl t -

My WiFi button won't go on , what can I do ????

itz black thunder - Reply

My buttons on my zte isn't working the way it sapose too

Sharon Swomley - Reply

I am having a problem with contacts not staying when I enter them.

Damon Burnham - Reply

But when you have 32G of memory but at 1.2 G memory said it is full how is that possible

Angel MeNDEZ - Reply

When making or receiving calls no-one can hear me only on speaker phone and that barely works?

cjmoschiano - Reply

Can t send or receive texts

cyndishippy - Reply

I've contacted ZTE after being referred to them by my carrier about the Obsidian damaged mine & my wife's memory data cards 4 times. My first card was an older 32gig & I assumed it was just old. I naught a new one then my wife's did the same with a new 4gig. ZTE said they never had a problem like that w/the Obsidian. So we tried again with another 4gig. In the meantime mine started saying it's data card is damaged again. Now both new 4gig cards are damaged. I'm calling ZTE back to correct this or I'm calling my carrier that we've had 3 lines with for over 10 yrs+ back & cancel our service to go with another.

Ronald M Miller - Reply

Everything stored on internal storage and can't be moved to SD card.

Emmeline Brown - Reply

Please can you fixed my phone cause my Google play store can't download anything from it please

ioaneloualogovii - Reply

Please my Google play store can't download anything please will you guys fixed it for me please thank you so much

ioaneloualogovii - Reply

Ioane, try clear the cache of the Google Play Store and try again.

Pablo Rodriguez -

the reset button doesnt want to work on the ZTE phone and i keep on clicking on it what do i do??

mark.torres500 - Reply

My ZTE phone won't work after I dropped it this morning. It fell pretty hard and when I try turning it on, the screen stays blank. The key buttons light up and you can hear the sound, but the screen stays blank. I've taken out the battery many times but nothing happens. I feel like something is wrong with the screen, but it isn't cracked or anything??!! What do I do?

Dhvani Patel - Reply

My phones is white I can't even reset.

Nanette Witczek -

Lcd was most likely damaged. Screen will need replaced.

Theresa -

I had to reset my daughter phone now setting everything up again it will not accept email. I have tried diffrent ones. Just says .. it has been rest

brandir08 - Reply

I just purchased a ZTE and all my photos sent to me are coming out like a negative. Is there a special button to check or something?

dmyersace - Reply

ZTE TracFone from Verizon model z665c I tried to add Tracfone minutes and had been running perfectly and then the minutes had expired so I try to add more and this time it put the minutes on the card and will let me text out and will let me receive calls but will not let me make a call it keeps giving me a Verizon error message and TracFone or Verizon cannot fix the problem I have contacted ZTE also and I'm still having the same problem it says on the status that my network is unknown I'm in service and my mobile network state is disconnected can you tell me how to fix it?

Dawn Gilbert - Reply

ZTE Z963VL does not record the volume from a concert, jumbles up the music, only for a concert, everything else it records fine

Lee Segura - Reply

Does anyone else have the same problem

Lee Segura - Reply

My zte will not let me type messages it only lets me use the google speaker and it will not go back to the keyboard any suggestions?

Kimberly Mason - Reply

My ZTE N817 phone will not allow me to scroll from one screen to anothet

Bobi DeGreef - Reply

My phone is in puk lock need code

Christopher Robinson - Reply

Always on 2g can't switch to 3g

Efe Eboigbe - Reply

How do I stop my wifi from connecting on its own?

Jeremy& Vanessa Harl - Reply

My power is at 100% I can get on the phone and do anything on it as long as it is plugged in. Immediately when I unplug my phone it goes dead and power button will not turn it on. Help?

Theresa - Reply

I can't make phone calls because my phone says it has temporarily stopped everything else works just fine but no phone

dawn Brumble - Reply

my ZTE will not let me put my bluetooth in discovery mode to connect to my car phone. what should i do ?

shery - Reply

My ZTE Baker gsm 900 it is failing to charge. The response am getting when I connect the charger is that “charge stop because of temperature.” What is the problem?

Peter Mphanza - Reply

My phone won't install I need you to help me with my problem

Izabella Cummings - Reply

When someone calls me and I hit the answer button it automatically turns my phone on silent mode..why?

Yolanda Jones - Reply

Everytime I try to send a message to someone it won't let me. What should I do?

Cj The Dj - Reply

Everytime I try to send a message to someone it won't let me. How do I fix this?

Cj The Dj - Reply

I have a ZTEcell it is a piece of crap. Hope to get some

one questioned about its storypage. With many promotions this memory was full the day i got it, and I cant and be Safe

David Ireland

David Ireland - Reply

My phone keep saying I have a voicemail but there is nothing there?

Shantia Brown - Reply

I have this phone for 2 days. Made 1 call turned off data so it work run in the background…now it won't send any messages an tells me every number I call is disconnected…any ideas?

bdflcnbry - Reply

Long story short, I dropped my ZTE phone and cracked the screen, but that's not the issue. The issue is that it will not connect to the mobile data at all and I still have 14 days on my plan left. What do I do? I can't afford a new one just because it will not connect using the data. I can't even call on it.

CarringtonTOG - Reply

Has anyone had the error mesage come that reads com.google.process.gapps??

Roger Bland - Reply

ZTE module #Z233VL will no longer allow me to use the keys for anything but the numbers; can’t add contacts or text! Does anyone know how to correct this?

Deborah Paugh - Reply

My phone came with data already used was more than for a test from company. Called them and said I need to purchase more data.

I thought this was ridiculous I just received phone yesterday. Never even used. It's a free phone unless you absolutely need to purchase data after using it longer than a hour. Customer service would not budge on their protocol. I'm angry seems like a scam. I can only make phone calls

Joseph Vento - Reply

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