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Sony Xperia XA Ultra Troubleshooting

Sony Xperia XA Ultra. Released July, 2016.

"Your computer does not recognize that the device is connected via USB cable"

By default, the XA Ultra's connection mode is set to "charge only". To enable the device to connect to a computer, change the connection mode to "Transfer Files". To do this,

1.Go to the home screen and drag down the status bar.

2. Locate and tap USB Charging This Device and select Transfer Files.

Sometimes the issue can be with the cable connecting the phone to the computer

  • Make sure you are using a Sony USB cable specifically designed for the XA Ultra and confirm that each end of the cable is properly connected to the device and computer
  • Try another USB port, and make sure the cable is connected directly to the USB port. Do not use a USB hub or USB extension cable

* Try using another cable to confirm the original cable is not damaged

If you are using a Macintosh computer, make sure you have the Xperia companion app installed for Mac OS.

" Device does not respond when attempting to power it on"

Press and hold the power key until the XA Ultra vibrates. Give it ten seconds to power on.

If the battery is drained, it will take up to 30 minutes for the device to respond to charging, and during this time the screen will remain black without any indication that it is charging. It will take up to 4 hours for the XA Ultra to fully charge.

  • Make sure you are using a Sony brand charger
  • Try using another compatible charger
  • Try a different USB charging port

You can perform a hard reset in situations where the device does not turn on or power down properly. This does not harm the phone or affect any personal data.

To perform a Hard Reset

  1. Press and hold the power key and the volume up key at the same time for 10 seconds
  2. At this point, the device will vibrate once. If you wish to reset the device, release the keys and it will restart. If you wish to shut down the device completely, continue holding down the power and volume up keys until the device vibrates three times and it will shut down.

The issue may be with a damaged or corrupted SD memory card. Remove the card, and if the device powers on normally, you may need to get a replacement memory card.

If you have tried the above suggestions and still cannot power on the device, you may need to replace the battery. A step-by-step guide on replacing the battery can be found Here

"will not connect to, or constantly loses signal to a WiFi network within range."

Safe mode will disable all third party apps, therefore, if the issue is not present in safe mode the problem is related to one of these apps.

To boot device in safe mode

  1. hold power button until a power off window appears.
  2. press and hold power button again until a window asking if you would like to boot into safe mode appears.
  3. select "ok"
  4. phone will boot into safe mode.

To exit safe mode

  • restart phone

This software repair will erase all personal data and storage on the device. Make sure that you back-up your device

To perform software repair

  1. Download Xperia Companion to your computer.
  2. Open the Companion app and follow instructions for software repair.

The device either does not produce any sound or produces very little sound.

The loudspeaker is located on the bottom of the device near the left side. Be careful not to hold your finger over the loudspeaker.

The ear speaker is located at the top of the face of the phone. Be careful not to cover the ear speaker when making calls.

First make sure the phone is unlocked. Then push up on the volume key located on the right side of the phone , OR:

  1. Pull down the top status bar.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon (the cogwheel symbol) near the top right corner.
  3. In the settings menu, navigate to and tap on the ‘Sound & notification’ icon under the section titled ‘Device’ to open up the sound menu.
  4. Tap and drag a slider bar for media, ring tone, or alarm volume to increase volume.

"Device stops functioning while using a downloaded application"

By enabling Safe mode, the device will only run the applications originally installed by the manufacturer. To enter Safe mode, press the power button until the phone powers off. Press and hold the power key, waiting for the Xperia logo to appear, at which time you will release the power button, and press the "volume down" button until the device indicates it has entered Safe mode.

To exit Safe mode, restart the device

Go to the Applications screen, pressing and holding any area of the screen until the device vibrates. At this time, all applications that can be removed, will be indicated by a red box with an x. Select the offending application, and tap delete to remove the application from your device.

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