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Wahl Professional Designer Troubleshooting

Wahl Professional Designer Shaver. Created Oct 2017.

Troubleshooting Wahl Professional Designer shaver. Titled descriptions and possible reasons for a broken device. You break it! We shoot it!

Jammed blades ¶ 

The blades on the shaver will not move.

Something caught in blade ¶ 

Look inside the blades while they’re turned off too prevent injury. If there is something in the blades that prevents it from moving, remove the obstruction and clean for other debris. Clean regularly after every use and oil sparingly to prevent build up.

Blades are bent ¶ 

Closely inspect the shaver while it is turned off to prevent injury. If you notice that one of the blades are bent, refer to our blade replacement guide and proceed as advised. Handle shaver with care to prevent bent blades.

Blades cut hair too short ¶ 

The Wahl Professional Designer cuts hair shorter than expected or wanted.

Blade adjustment lever in wrong position ¶ 

If the shaver is cutting hair too short, check the blade adjustment lever to see if it is in the desired position for the length of hair wanted. If it is not, move the blade adjustment lever to the optimal position. Test a section of the hair to make sure it is the desired hair length.

Improper blade guard ¶ 

Using an improper blade guard or not using one at all may cause an undesired hair length. Each guard is constructed to cut a particular length. 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch are some examples of guard lengths that are available. Be sure to test a section of the hair to be sure of the proper length.

Shaver not working ¶ 

The device is not turning on.

Low voltage through power cord ¶ 

If the device is not turning on check to see if the plug is secured into an electrical socket. If it is not proceed to do so. If the power cord is securely placed in the electrical socket, make sure there is enough voltage coming from the socket to power the device.

Broken power cord ¶ 

If the device is not turning on, the power cord may be broken. Unplug the power cord from the electrical socket, and inspect the cord thoroughly. If the cord shows any sign of damage like fraying then replace the power cord. The replacement guide will give detailed instructions on how to do that.

Shaver will not turn off ¶ 

Shaver continuously runs while switch is in off position.

Worn on/off switch ¶ 

If the device is not turning off while in the off position, replace the on/off switch. Unplug the device from the electrical socket and make sure that the device is not working. After unplugging the power cord follow the instructions in the replacement guide.

Attachment stuck on shaver ¶ 

There is an issue removing shaver attachment.

Rust present ¶ 

There is a possibility that your shaver may accumulate rust over a period of time. Find anything abrasive, like a drywall sanding sponge, and scrape the rust off. Then find a brush small enough like a toothbrush to remove the hard to reach rust. After all of that wash the device and oil it. Store the Wahl shaver in a dry area and clean them regularly to prevent rust.

Improper installation of attachment ¶ 

Make sure that the attachment is placed on the Wahl shaver correctly. Attempting to use the shaver while the attachment is improperly installed can cause the attachment to get stuck. Place the attachment on to the shaver making sure that both side are evenly place and snapped into place. Remove attachment with proper tools.


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