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Vtech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone Troubleshooting

Touchscreen doesn’t respond to pressing buttons

The connection from the touch screen digitizer to the motherboard may be loose or dirty and needs to be reset.

Touchscreen Contact Cleaning

The phone never stops playing the same portion of one song

If the song proceeds to loop, and there are no outward physical damage, there may be an issue with the batteries.

Battery Replacement

The device has been exposed to water either through spilling or drool. If this is the case, the phone is severely damaged and beyond repair.

Touchscreen Contact Cleaning

Switching the power switch does nothing

If the phone will not turn on, and the power switch moves freely, you may want to replace the batteries.

Battery Replacement

Assuming the batteries are working, then you may have an issue with the switch. If the switch won’t move back and forth, then it may have been damaged, and needs to be replaced.

Power Switch Replacement

If the batteries and the switch are working normally, then you may have issues with the contact points of the phone's screen digitizer. Assuming this is the issue, you will need to refer to the guide on replacing touchscreen contact points.

Touchscreen Contact Cleaning

The phone turns on without touching the power button

If the power switch seems loose or won’t move back and forth, you may need to realign the switch.

Power Switch Replacement

If the switch seems to be working, and the phone remains on, then you may have had water (or drool) damage to the device. This may be fixed by replacing the power switch.

Power Switch Replacement

The background screen may come in the package misaligned or it may become misaligned

If the screen displays white or black when toggled all the way to the left or right you may need to realign the screen.

Screen Alignment


Tore the whole phone apart because the song was repeating. Turns out the batteries were just low : ( Oh well at least I fixed the problem. I just told my wife I fixed it didn't let her know what was wrong with it. Good reminder to check for simple solutions first

Evan - Reply

My baby’s phone keeps turning itself off. The switch is in the ON position but it keeps turning OFF and singing the off song. I have opened the phone and even held the switch to ON but it still keeps turning OFF even without the switch moving. Any suggestions?

shakinsher - Reply

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