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Vornado Duo Troubleshooting

Released March 2010, serial #102978

Fan won't blow air ¶ 

When I plug in and turn it on the fan, the motor does seem to turn or operate correctly.

The Motor's Burnt Out ¶ 

The motor could have been over worked from extensive operation.

Water Damage ¶ 

It is possible water has damaged the motherboard causing the motor not to turn.

Physical Damage ¶ 

If the device was dropped, the fan could have dislodged from its position causing it not to work.

Motor Is Jammed ¶ 

Build up of dust particles could cause the fan to slow down or even stop.

Power Button is Difficult to Press ¶ 

I want to hit the button to turn it on, but when I press it the device still wont turn on

Debris Build Up ¶ 

Over time, dust particles can build up causing the button be difficult to press.

Short life span ¶ 

The button is firm and not user friendly. It's known to wear out and become defective.

Damaged Fan Blades ¶ 

My fan fell from the shelf and not the fan blades are broken.

Unbalanced Fan Blades ¶ 

If the fan blades are unbalanced it could cause damage to the motor and cause other issues.

Unit Won't Power On ¶ 

I'm plugging my fan in and it still won't power on.

Burnt Out Fuse ¶ 

A power surge could have possibly burnt out the fuse.

Frayed/Exposed Wire ¶ 

Foot traffic or other object that rub across the wire can cause damaged to the cord.

Bad Wire in Plug ¶ 

The plug could have a faulty or damaged wire that prevents it from providing power to the fan.

Circuit Board ¶ 

My fan is plugged in and power button is lit, but the fan isn't blowing.

Moisture Damage ¶ 

The humidity or small water damage could cause the board to be dysfunctional.

Physical Damage ¶ 

If dropped, the impact could cause pieces on the board to come lose.

Factory Defect ¶ 

The company mistakenly put a faulty Circuit board in the fan.


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